Sunday, June 03, 2012


FORT BRIMSTONE - Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site SINCE 1999. Designed by British military engineers and built and maintained by African slaves, it is one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the American continent"
"SAILING - With Nevis in the background"


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! It has been a long time since I had the chance to post something new here, but as very few notice it, that’s no big deal...
St. Kitts and Nevis is now seen from sea. Hope you enjoy and have a great week ahead!

Unknown said...

Hi Gil,
Hope you're keeping well. Wonderful pictures. Nice to holiday on a boat but I'm prone to sea sickness:(

juka14 said...

Hi Trotter, I'm glad to see you're new post. The views are really spectacular, especially the last photos.

Ron said...

Very nice post. I love that blue water. Great to see you back.

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Trotter.Nice colorful & spectacular images as always. Warm Regards Ram

PeterParis said...

Don't worry; I have noticed - and regretted - your temporary absence! :-) Happy to see you back!

... and think that Basseterre was once - for a rather short time - the French Caribbean capital! At least the French name has remained! :-)

L. Neusiedler said...

in Austria there is a small village named Kittsee ;)). the lake of Kitt, in translation :)! lots of best wishes from between two countries (I'm travelling a lot these days too :)) )

P.N. Subramanian said...

I am becoming envious of the camera you are holding. "BASSETERRE BY THE SEA" What is that tall structure, a watch tower?

Benol Smile said...

Hi guys...
It’s nice to be a friend with you.
But may give you somethings special.
You should to try it. It’s free, friends.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil

Life gets busy at times, but I am always thinking about what new adventure you are on!

Cruises are so relaxing ..this looked like a nice trip!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful place!! You make me want to throw everything down and go for a vacation :) Hope all is well with you and family.

Light and Voices said...

This place looks like paradise to me. You and your wife must have had a lovely time there.
Joyce M

Mariposa said...

Hello! gorgeous pics as always :)

Thérèse said...

No more blogging??

- Yvonaut -
Das sind Raphael und Yvonne

Nice selection of travel pictures!
Have a nice weekend
Yvonne & Raphael

eye in the sky said...

I'm really a sucker for anything that's a world heritage site so I am green with envy here. Love the clock tower right in the center of town. And the view of the seas are so calming. It is great to find you posting again. :)

Nikon said...

Sorry that I missed this post, Gil.
Good to see you posting!
My favorite shots are the ones from a boat with Nevis in the background - and that shot near the end looking right down the pier...

Alice said...

Sorryto hear about your family's health problems. Hope all goes well for them. Been so busy lately to blogging regularly. Looking forward to more photos from your travel. Take good care. :)

Cloudia said...

quite lovely!

Aloha, Friend
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Gattina said...

Looks like a nice place ! I didn't know where it was and had to find it out, I have never heard of St.Kitts.

BLOGitse said...

Hi there!
Nice to hear from you! I don't have time/energy to blog hop that much anymore even if I post regularly.
Big news is that I'm going to study Spanish for 3 months to Spain end of this month. Can't wait!
I hope your parents and wife are all feeling better!
Try to find time to relax so you'll have energy to take care of your loved ones.
Take care!
Greetings from sunny Helsinki!

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Greetings and good wishes.

Amazing photos with plenty of useful information. I loved this post.

I am sorry to read the various troubles you are going through at present. I hope everything will end fast. Sometimes troubles come one after the other. I am praying for you and your family. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil, Have missed seeing your gorgeous travels and photography and as always you give us far away places to enjoy and be envious. St. Kitts is beautiful.

Sorry for your troubles. Hope your wife is mending quickly and Mom and Dad are doing okay. Keep on posting your beautiful photos. We love them! :)

hpy said...

A regarder les photos ion ne dirait pas que la vie n'est pas toujours facile, mais c'est pourtant de plus en plus le cas. En tout cas, sur mon blog c'est pas trop compliqué, car ce sont les visiteurs qui font les posts en ce moment.

Lakshmi said...

Its always a pleasure to come here..seas and oceans can never be boring..I have been away for long and have just surfaced..hope everything works out well at your end..I was in Spain recently and was very keen on visiting Portugal but I had planned Poland instead ..hopefully some other time :)

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Good luck, Gil, for your parents - I suppose your wife will recover soon.
G@tto is on the Italian riviera: summer time will be back in a few days after a cloudy week.

99 said...

Good to see you posting again Gil!
Have a nice time in Spain

My Unfinished Life said...

hey Gil, take sure things are bound to get better from now on :)

rochambeau said...

Hi Trotter,
Hoping you, your wife, mother and father are ALL feeling much better today.
Thank you for sharing these shots of St. Kitts. They are peaceful photographs to ponder.


Leena,Finland said...

You really have more important use of your time than blogging here, we can wait, your parents and your wife need you now!
I wish you plenty of energy and send you and yours warm greetings!
Also I have been away from my blog, but few weeks ago I started to publish my old photos and some new ones too in Aminus3.
Regards Leena

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Hi Trotter, I've missed you but sounds like you are super busy right now. Your parents and wife are certainly lucky to have you. St. Kitts is a very beautiful place whether by land or sea. Thanks for finding the time to visit my blog.


seema gupta said...

Seems Heaven on earth, so eye catching and pleasant captures. natures speaks on its own no doubt. Still enjoying watching these pics.

yyam said...

Hi there. Hope you are keeping positive and enjoying good weather. Thanks for always sharing pictures of the wonderful places you visit. Stopping by to drool at your photos is like taking a vacation. :)

Marja said...

Basseterre looks like a lovely place to be. Great views.
Sorry to hear about your family. Take care.

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Courage. Il y a des périodes difficiles pour chacun. Je te souhaite de bien meilleurs moments.

magda said...

My dear friend Trotter
In thanks for your interest!
I am very sorry for your parents and your wife.
I wish to quickly become well.
We are all doing well. Danae (wife of my son) entered the eighth month of pregnancy, we are still at sea, swimming every day, because it has too hot.
I have no time for the Internet.
This year we had the hottest July for a hundred years.
I hope that you will return to get us internet, after October.
I saw your photographic work, is interesting as always!
I hope and pray that everything goes well for your family.
many kisses

lyliane six said...

Chers amis
Je suis venue voir le blog plusieurs fois et j'ai vu qu'il n'y avait plus de posts depuis longtemps, j'ai même dit à Michel qu'il devait y avoir un ennui avec vos parents, heureusement ils sont encore là, mais quel soucis, je sais, avec maman je l'ai eu avec moi à la maison pendant 6 ans, mais elle me manque vraiment beaucoup,pour Margharida cela doit être dur de n'avoir qu'un bras, je lui souhaite bonne gué suis restée couchée aussi pendant 15 jours à cause de mon dos, ce que j'ai souffert!!Samedi nous partons en Allemagne chez ma sœur,Michel est en vacances.
Bises à vous deux et à bientôt j'espère

Stella Bella said...


Things will get better! :) Be positive! ^^

Stella & Roger

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! It’s great to be back after such a long time!! Unfortunately things are far from improving here: speaking about health, it’s difficult to get better, under the circumstances; as far as the economy is concerned, it seems to be a predictable disaster... OK, let’s move forward!!

Don’t worry; there are some very good pills against sea sickness... Enjoy!!

I also like those pictures taken towards St. Eustatius! Great!!


Great to read you here!!

Thanks. I’m so sorry I hadn’t had time to enjoy your Paris; both blog and actual... One of these days we’ll drop by!!
The story of the Caribbean is amazing... and not only for the Pirates... ;)

Great to know you’re travelling a lot. Me too, surfing the Net... ;)

It’s an old Canon G9...
The structure is the tower of the St. George's Anglican Church. St. George's, though christened Notre Dame in 1670 by the French, was destroyed four times before it adopted its present, Georgian style in 1869.

Spam… The last one not immediately deleted… ;)

Thanks. Well, my new adventures are far from being exciting…

Trotter said...

Part Two,

Throw everything down and go for a «decent» vacation is what I’ve been dreaming of since April 2011…

Indeed, we had...

Great to read you here!!

As you probably read, things are a bit tricky this side of the Atlantic... It’s wonderful to see parents get to 95 and almost 91, but it’s very hard to see physical and intellectual degradation... Philip Roth’s «Patrimony» doesn’t help...


Great to read you here as always! Sorry for being absent...

That one is a good one; also on my favourite list...

Thank you!! Everyone has his/her troubles...


You weren’t the only one to ignore where you were... Christopher Columbus in 1498 thought he was in India... Lol

Trotter said...

Part Three,

OK! This time you have no excuse not to come to Portugal!! Where are you going to study? Salamanca?

Thanks a lot for your words and thoughts!!

Great to read you here, as always... Except for my wife’s elbow, things are difficult to improve...

En portugais on dit: «as aparências iludem…» (Les dehors leurrent...)

Come on, changing Portugal with Poland is definitely bad taste... Lol

Great to be in the Riviera(s)... any of them...

Spain? Why? Are you living in Buenos Aires, Brazil? ;-)


Difficult to get better...

Thank you! I think I had some troubles getting into the Animus3...

Trotter said...

Part Four and final for the time being:

My pleasure to visit your blog!!

Thank you so much!!

Difficult to keep positive!!

Place to be, I´m not so sure... But place to visit, ok... ;)


Lucky you to be still at sea... ;) I would love to get there or any other place else, provided that it is out of here... ;)

Merci! Bonnes vacances en Allemagne!!

Thanks! Hopefully!!