Sunday, July 11, 2010



The beaches on the East Coast of Sardinia in the Gulf of Orosei, near Cala Gonone, are, fortunately, still a somehow hidden gem...

"CALA SISINE - The white, sandy beach divides the turquoise sea from the green of the Mediterranean maquis which covers the hills"

"CALA FUILI & CALA SISINE - Fuili (first row pictures) has white limestone, covered by scented Mediterranean plants, endless white sand and a gorgeous sea. Sisine, we already know..."

"BIRIOLA - SORGENTE - PISCINE DI VENERE - Biriola (first row) is characterized by a little stone arch over the sea, the white, limestone sand, marble-rocks, junipers and the maquis on the rocks. Sorgente is bottom left and the other three are from the Piscine di Venere"

CALA MARIOLU - A stunning pebbled beach overhung by a chalky hillside covered by Mediterranean vegetation. You get sun in the morning and shade the rest of the day"

"CALA MARIOLU - From Sea..."



"CALA GALORITZÉ - The sun was hiding itself..."

"CALA GOLORITZÉ - In 1995 it was elected «Italian National Monument» and it is the most photographed beach in the area, probably due to the menhirs/obelisks... The white pebbled beach is unique and its waters are colder than the other beaches in the area"

"CALA LUNA - The most visited of the beaches in the Gulf of Orosei, south of Cala Gonone"

"CALA LUNA - Busy in a Sunday afternoon, early September..."



Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! So, up to now, octopus Paul has agreed with my guesses of the game results; and he has predicted Spain for the final... I agree that Spain has a better team, but a surprise may always happen... and the octopus will be wrong one day... I suspect it could be this time... ;)). Anyhow, if you’re not on the football side, the beach is a great alternative; yesterday we had 31º Celsius and no clouds in the sky. Great!! But we were just on the other side of the River Tagus, not exactly at Cala Luna... Have a cheerful Sunday and an amazing week!!

SusuPetal said...

Interesting to see the game this evening. Paul is quite amazing!

And equal amazing are those cliffs and the clear, blue sea. I'd like to swim there!

We have also heat wave in Finland, like in whole Europe. They have predicted 35 Celsius for next week!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Wow! what a beautiful beach. The first one. Other photographs are equally wonderful. Thanks.

RNSANE said...

You look like you are having entirely too much fun in this gorgeous part of the world. The ocean, the menhirs and obelisks are incredible, and I continue to be envious beyond belief.

diane b said...

It is a beautiful part of the world. White sandy beaches in Europe is good to see. Personally I would like Holland to win but I think Spain has the better team.

BLOGitse said...

ooooh I want to dive in!!!
It's so hot and humid here...Hot would be enough! :)
Have a beautiful Sunday,
greetings from us, from Casa!


Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Un peu de fraicheur via le net cela ne se refuse pas en ce moment !
Heureusement que nous avons la rivière Aube à proximité, le lac est trop chaud !

L. Neusiedler said...

ah, football... I don't understand a bit of it :)), but I totally enjoyed your clear waters and inviting beaches :)

Sylvia K said...

Now that is my idea of paradise! One breathtaking place! Gorgeous captures as always. I'm cheering for Spain! Have a great week!


Regina said...

Love the beach! Wow breathtaking scenes.
Thanks again Trotter for sharing.

Have a great week ahead.

Lakshmi said...

i would rather be in one of these beaches than watch the match today..what blues..

Olivier said...

superbe serie, j'adore, cela donne envie, bon je vais me contenter de ma piscine en plastique ;o))

My Unfinished Life said...

amazing views!! looks like heaven!!!
this is so surreal , the white and the blue , the beaches and the rocks combine so divinely!!...

looks like you had a heavenly vacation!! too had a lovely vacation, though it onvolved totally different landscape, check out!!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Such gorgeous water color, what a beautiful place. I would love to see it in person.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

thanks for sharing the beautiful crystalline beaches of Sardinia!

magiceye said...

lovely images of a beautiful place!!!

Unknown said...

Hello Gil! Now I wish I could just take leave and take a plane there. Those calm sea pictures makes me want to have a holiday desperately. Hope you are having fun and a good week too. Sorry, have been slacking here in my own blog..busy as usual :)

alicesg said...

Very beautiful beach. The water is so blue and crystal clear. With the weather so hot, the water really looked so inviting.

Gattina said...

You can't imagine how I wished to be there and cool down in this wonderful blue water ! we have 35°C since a few days and that's too much. Tomorrow I have a post about Meknes in Morocco on

P.N. Subramanian said...

Hi Gil, there is an entry waiting for you at my blog. I need your comments before I post the next one which is going to be still interesting! Have a good day.

Emery Roth said...

Beautiful shots. Did you swim at every beach? Now is that a waterfall I see where the trees part in your shot of Cala Luna?

Emery Roth said...

Beautiful shots. Did you swim at every beach? Now is that a waterfall I see where the trees part in your shot of Cala Luna?

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! Wonderful landscapes, very nice beaches! That clear blue water is really inviting: we have about 40° C, too hot!
Have a beautiful week :-)

eye in the sky said...

the rock formations in goloritze and luna are amazing. i will never get tired of these photos. beautiful.

Shionge said...

Yo....Spain!!! YES!!!

You sure know how to enjoy life Gil and sure is a hidden treasure but now that you have shared with us...heheheheh...I hope to visit someday and Singapore is so hot right now that me wanna dive straight into my computer screen hahahah...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog :D

Ron said...

I was hoping that Octopus was wrong when he picked Spain over Germany. I was rooting for Germany since it all started. Then I wanted a Dutch upset. At least Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Mueller will be back in 2014:)

Great pics of the beach. The rocks are unbelievable.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Oh my, absolute gems indeed! So far far away from the maddening world! They look unbelievable!

Coming to football, yeah, I expected the Octopus to go wrong - but it turns out that the cephalopod has a thing or two up it's sleeve! Sigh! I put my money on the Dutch! :(

A Lady's Life said...

I wish our ocean and beaches were so beautiful but they aren't.We have to either go to Victoria Island or farther up or lower down the coast to get something half descent and the water is usually cold. There was only one time of year I found the water warm and pleasant in august and this was the calm before a dreadful storm which sent us running for the marina. Unfortunately another boat broke its motor and we had to pull it through high waves while other boats tried to break the waves for us. The work ate our gas at double the rate and we also required help to gas up to get this boat to safety.
It was an experience and we kept hoping the rope would not break and kill someone on our own boat.
When we got back the owners of the other boat asked if we saw the orcas that were swimming around us by the boat and we didn't. Now we can say we swam with orcas and they did not eat us. lol

Nikon said...

I'd love to be there, Gil. The blue is so pretty and intense. And sand at the beaches, not just stones :)
(Thanks for stopping by.)

juka14 said...

I like the photo taken from the beach with the crystal clear water the most. It's just asking for a swim!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Octopus Paul was certainly clairvoyant!

This is one of the most beautiful coves I've ever seen! It must have been wonderful to swim there.

Paz said...

I'd rather be here than NYC at the moment. It's just to hot and humid in the city. The photos look so inviting. ;-)

Oman said...

i am drooling in envy here, awesome place. what i would give just to go there and leave tis rainy season in the metro :)

Joy said...

Another set of beautiful photos. I love the aqua blue water. I'm jealous too that you can swim!

Have you started enjoying the summer yet? Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

rochambeau said...

Beautiful Calla Luna Rocks! What a great place to take a swim!!!


Cloudia said...

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

There was not a single soul in Cala Luna in the seventies, it was a truly rare pearl !

Rajesh said...

Gorgeous shot. With you we can see amazingly scenic spots.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!I can see why people are also drawn to the obelisks.Have a lovely week.

lyliane six said...

Tout est bleu, j'ai vu tout en orange Dimanche en Hollande,Il faisait plus chaud qu'en Sardaigne 36°, l'ambiance était très chaude aussi, mais hélas Polo, le poulpe ne s'était pas trompé, ils ont perdu,mais Michel était dans le pays gagnant, c'était la folie m'a il dit.

Neelima Vallangi said...

Oh the beaches are lovely and blue is my favorite color! :)

lv2scpbk said...

Water looks cool and refreshing. Wish I was there swimming right now. It's hot and humid here. Beautiful photos as usual.

april said...

A great combination: wonderful beaches, blue water and rocks and stones.

Cergie said...

Septembre 2009 ? J'imagione que tu vas t'en aller quand nous erons tous rentrés.
Dans le Vercors il y avait des falaises blanches, des arbres mais pas la mer.
Je me suis baignée en piscine tout mon saoul, l'eau était à la même température que l'air mais c'était dans le Var. Rien n'est parfait....

Tinsie said...

Very nice!

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! So, octopus Paul was right and «Nuestros Hermanos» are World Champions!! Viva España!! And now enjoy the holidays, you lucky guys who have such bliss in your schedule... ;)). On this side of the Iberian Peninsula, nothing new; except that we are waiting Peter to arrive in Sesimbra for some seafood dining, hopefully... ;). The beach was nice on Saturday and the temperature reached almost 37º Celsius; the problem is that the water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t always cooperate... Anyhow, Saturday we had 19º centigrade in Costa da Caparica – a nice beach on the other side of the Tagus River -, but it actually didn’t feel so cold... On Sunday people were just jammed in the traffic at the bridge... ;)).
I’ll try to show something new and reply to your comments on Monday... ;)

Trotter said...

OK, here it is Part One:

Paul is going to the movies... Amazing octopus... ;)). 35º centigrade in Finland must be a bit unbearable... I remember that the worst heat wave I had in my life were some 32º/33º Celsius in Brussels, where almost nothing is prepared to face the heat... ;)). I wonder how it would be with the 30º centigrade we had today in Lisbon... ;))

I’m afraid that the most difficult challenge you face here is to chose one of those beaches; the advantage is that, provided you stay in the region for a whole week, you may visit them all... and more than once each... ;))

I had, had... ;)). This was last year... But you’re right: there is reason to be envious beyond belief, even if G@tto is already fed up with Sardinia and only wants to sell grandma’s house there... ;)). I’m also envious beyond belief, but only of the people vacationing for three weeks, some for four and others even for five weeks... ;))

There are some beautiful sandy beaches in Europe, but you must come to Portugal to enjoy them: golden sand and hot weather... Today the forecast is 41º centigrade to Lisbon... It’s getting too crazy!!
You were right: Spain had a better team... and Mourinho wasn’t on Sneijder side... ;))

I wonder if Casa will be fresher today than Lisbon: with 41º centigrade here, we’ll have to dive some place to get through... ;)). Let’s have it cool down and then make the hour flight between Casablanca and Lisbon... And don’t forget that Lauren Bacall took the flight from Casa to Lisbon many many years ago... ;))

C’est vrai que moi aussi j’ai besoin d’un petit peu de fraîcheur ici; avec 41º centigrade de prévision et déjà 27º à 8h00 du matin, ça va être dur ce lundi à Lisbonne… ;))

Football is much easier (and much more interesting) than cricket or baseball… ;)). But I agree that with this kind of weather is much more inviting a dive into that fabulous blue sea… ;))

It surely isn’t far from paradise; just had some yummy food and good wine to match, and there you have a perfect holiday… ;))
Spain did what had to be done and won; easy… Amazing that they scored only eight goals to win the Cup; but in football you just need to get one goal to win, provided that you don’t suffer any… ;))

Who wouldn’t love such marvelous beaches? ;)). And the point is that we have several of them just around the corner in the Gulf of Orosei…

We can’t have it all; so better watch the match than work in a hot and humid environment… ;)). Anyhow, Spain won, so things were nice for people in the Iberian Peninsula… For once Southern Europe has prevailed… ;))

Disons que piscine en plastique c’est vraiment dégueulasse… ;)). On pourrait essayer au moins Paris Plage… ;)). Bon, on va voir qu’est-ce qu’on trouve pour cette semaine… ;))

Shooting Star,
This was a truly wonderful holiday, though short, as all my holidays have been since eight years ago… ;). That’s what I can get, so I’ve to take it that way… ;))
Loved to see your post on the Neemrana Fort Palace!! Even forgot that it was during the monsoon… ;))

I’m sure you would love Sardinia after the thousands of kilometers you made on those two wheels… ;)). And it will surely add some wonderful blue to your already lovely paintings…

Jen Laceda,
My pleasure! And greater pleasure to read your comments here!! Sardinia truly deserves some attention and the beaches and rocks at the Gulf of Orosei are absolutely stunning!!

The place is truly beautiful; as for the pictures, it’s the best we can get, under the circumstances… ;))

It’s a nice decision to make: take a plane, land in Olbia, Sardinia, and head straight to the Gulf of Orosei… ;)). How I understand your feelings about dreadfully needing a holiday… ;)). Busy seems however to be the destiny of some of us, while others just enjoy and have fun… ;))

Trotter said...

Part Two:

Alice SG,
I fully agree with you; with this hot weather we are going to have here today (41º centigrade is the forecast…), we certainly would be much better on the beach rather than working anyplace… ;))

Oh dear, 35º centigrade in Belgium is more than unbearable… but with 41º here today, I’m also thinking I’ll be inside the whole on the air conditioning… working… ;)). I’m not sure Morocco would be a great choice for us these days… unless, surprisingly, it’s cooler there… We’ll see what Blogitse will have to tell us about it… ;))

Went there to your blog and enjoyed the post… Unfortunately the same is not happening with some regulars here, who went vacationing and left us around in the heat and without any comments… ;))

Didn’t swim at all of the beaches but enjoyed Mariolu and Luna!! And saw all the others on this side of the Gulf… ;)).
No, there is no waterfall at Cala Luna; it must be some kind of illusion… ;))

You’re right!! Wonderful!! As for the weather, the forecast in the beginning of the summer was that this would be rather hot… It’s being confirmed… With 41º Celsius today in Lisbon, it’s going to be close to a nightmare…

That forty kilometre long cliff of the Gulf of Orosei won’t stop to stun people who manage to get somewhere around there… And you’re right: Goloritze and Luna are out of this world… furthermore with all that blue in the sea! Amazing colour!!

Spain! Yeah!!
I surely know how enjoy life; the problem is always to get time for it, and sometimes also the other ingredient that makes things easier to get pleasure from... ;))
Singapore is always hot... and humid for my taste; a shame, as I truly love to stroll around some beautiful places you have there... But with 41º centigrade today here in Lisbon, we are getting closer to that awful weather; the difference being that hopefully there will be some wind and it won’t be that humid... ;))

You know, fortunately Gary Lineker isn’t always right; he used to say that football is eleven against eleven and in the end Germany wins... ;)). Octopus Paul seems to have had a great deal of luck this Cup... ;)). Anyhow, in the end Spain was the better team and that’s all football is about: working as a team... ;))

Yeah, but like Shionge said, now that I uncovered the gems they are no longer hidden... ;). Anyhow, it’s a beautiful spot!!
I wouldn’t put money, but if there was some kind of rationality bin football, different from octopuses’ reasoning... ;), Spain had a better team and would probably win... ;))

That is something we can’t complain of ... Nice beaches are close and if we manage to cross the bridge (sometimes it’s very hard with the terrible traffic...), we land in a beautiful golden sand beach... the water isn’t that warm, some 19º centigrade, but it’s quite refreshing... ;)). The idea of having warm water and then catch a storm doesn’t raise much interest... ;)). That story with boats in danger makes me think twice, the next time I get into a small boat... furthermore with orcas swimming around you... ;))

The blue is awesome; and «some» beaches have sand... not like in Portugal, where beaches have sand guaranteed... ;).
My pleasure to stop by!!

That one was taken at Mariolu beach; nice, though not sandy, just stones... No problem for us, equipped with adequate water shoes... ;))

That octopus Paul knew it all... ;)). Now is going into movies; and there will be people to pay for watching its performance... ;))
You are right about the beauty of the cove... Probably the one of the best collection of marvellous coves in the world within some ten nautical miles... ;))

It seems everybody is complaining about the heat and humidity... I’m just complaining for the heat... ;)) 41º centigrade is no piece of cake... ;)). I would also prefer to be there in Sardinia... or at least in the Algarve rather than working in Lisbon... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Three, and final, for the time being...

I wonder what’s worse: the heat or the rain... I think I will take the heat, as when you’re talking about rain it usually means an awful warm weather, furthermore with rain... ;)

They happen to be photos from a beautiful spot; no wonder they are amazingly beautiful… ;). And the blue, be it acqua blue, navy blue, turquoise blue or just blue is always an awesome colour… ;))
Swimming is paramount; and it helps with the pain in the back; provided that the water isn’t too cold… ;)). My summer is always a bit too short; one week by the beginning of September; anyhow better than that country where summer was a Thursday… ;)). But I’m enjoying summer in town and office; with 41º centigrade outside, better stay indoors… ;))
My pleasure to visit Norwich Daily Photo…

There are many fabulous places to take a swim; at least I know some of them… but that Cala Luna is actually something special… I which I was there, rather than working with a temperature of 41º centigrade threatening outside… ;))
Enjoy your summer!!

Well, here is a nice place to take a swim: Waikiki beach … But if you offer me the choice, I would rather fly to Maui and land at Wailea beach; the Four Seasons will do… ;))

I also remember the Algarve in the sixties: nobody there before Cliff Richard Came to Albufeira and bought a house there… So, no wonder there was nobody in Cala Luna in the seventies… The few that used Sardinia as a tourist holiday destination (not as home place…) were surely around the Prince Aga Khan in Cala del Volpe…;)

It’s reciprocal: in your blog we may see the most impressive temples and forts India has to offer; and that is surely also a big treat… ;)). Thanks for your repeated visits and comments!!

That Cala Goloritze is an amazing spot!! The rock formations are absolutely stunning and the place is superb… No wonder it is the most photographed in the Gulf of Orosei…

Mais vraiment tu étais du coté erronée; il faudrait mieux être à Grenade qu’à Amsterdam… ;)). En plus, avec cet incroyable oracle Paul, le pulpe, on savait déjà à l’avance qui allait gagner… ;)). J’imagine ce que Michel a vu en Espagne… ;)). Même s’il n’était pas à Madrid, où la folie était totale… Ils ont transmis en direct à la TV portugaise la fin de la fête à Madrid; c’était ahurissant…

A girl of very good taste; no wonder the blue… ;))

It was surely much more refreshing than the 41º centigrade we are experiencing in Lisbon today… ;)). I wish I could dive in that sea right now; or at least in the pool of the condominium next door to the office… ;))

Rocks and stones weren’t absolutely essential!! ;))
I’m sorry about the disaster in Duisburg… Anomalous things happen when there are many people around…

C’est vraiment ça: ma semaine roule du 31 août jusqu’au 6 septembre; comme vacances ce n’est pas mal… ;)). Le Vercors est beau aussi… mais sans la mer, il n’y a pas d’été… ;))