Sunday, February 19, 2012



"OLD SAN JUAN - San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the best departing point if you want to cruise Southern and South-eastern Caribbean, as it is much closer to the isles to visit than the other traditional departing ports! And the town has some interesting spots to be seen..."

"OLD BUILDINGS - Lovely pastel colours"

"FUERTE SAN CRISTOBAL - The largest fortification built by the Spanish in the Americas was finished in 1783, and at that time wrapped around the city of San Juan. About a third of the construction was demolished in 1897 to help ease the flow of traffic..."

"FUERTE SAN FELIPE DEL MORRO - While San Cristobal was supposed to protect from inland attacks, Fort del Morro was designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay, and defend the city from seaborne agressions. Nowadays the lawn serves to fly kites..."

"CATHEDRAL - And finally the sun was starting to shine... but we were already inside the ship..."











Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! As you can see, the delay in posting has been dramatically reduced with this post. The reason lies in the fact that I’ve not been travelling as often as I used to and as I wished to... ;-(
Anyhow, being back to San Juan, Puerto Rico and to the Caribbean Sea was an pleasant experience. Enjoy and have a great week ahead, Mardi Gras included!

diane b said...

Have fun cruisin' the ship looks super.. Another trip to the Caribbean

magda said...

My friend,
I saw your photos from Innsbruck! It rained ... But it was great!

Fantastic photos of Puerto Rico!!!!!
Excellent trip and wonderful cruise!!!!
I thank you for traveling to distant lands!
Many greetings and good week!

SusuPetal said...

Those work of art are interesting.

In Finland we've been having a lot of snow and it's coming more and more and more!

Ramakrishnan said...

Lovely post on San Juan. Have a great vacation. Take care of your health.
Warm Regards Ram

Olivier said...

c'est magnifique, surtout je trouve la photo de la Cathedrale avec le paysage

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Ah a nice Carribean cruise on such a beautiful ship must have been a great pleasure, Gil! San Jaun is an interesting pot to much to see there!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Absolutely marvelous.

Hope you get to travel more, more and more! And hope we get to see more of such wonderful pictures of place far and wide.

P.N. Subramanian said...

The cathedral looks amazing!. I also love the pastel shades of older monuments. Beautiful. Thank you.

PeterParis said...

Not quite the same travelling conditions as during my recent Transsiberian trip! :-) Maybe you travel a bit less, but...

I'm especially happy to see you blogging!!

elvira pajarola said...

Oh, what a spectacular cruise....magnificient photographs & as always your so excuisitly elegant & smiling Lady!

I hope very much everything with our health & family is now well and fine & I wish you many wonderful exciting travel adventures!!!!!!!!!

Excuse my late visit; I'll be quicker next time!!
Thank you so very much for your kind visits in my Tuscany, Trotter!!!!

ciao ciao elvira

alicesg said...

Another beautiful vacation. Can see that both you and your wife had a great time.

Thérèse said...

Toujours une foison d'images! Quelle cathedrale! Magnifique!
Quand on pense qu'un tiers de la forteresse a disparu, cela fait rever.
Et puis enfin j'ai reconnu une menine miniature de Manolo Valdes, a mon grand plaisir.

joo said...

Puerto Rico sounds perfect for winter retreat! Lovely set of photos:)

Ruby said...

Magnificent photos!!!Cheers, Ruby.

Ron said...

Very beautiful post here. I really like the tourist statues, very neat.

juka14 said...

I like the colours of the buildings, It looks very nice. The pools are very inviting also, I wouldn't mind having a swim there.

Tinsie said...

Awww I'd love to go on a cruise some day - especially on a luxury cruise liner! I love Botero too :-)

Tinsie said...

P.S. Belated happy new year wishes!

Ash said...

Wonderful photos, Gil! Hope you had a great holiday!

seema gupta said...

Fantastic photos of Puerto Rico just enjoyed watching them ya.

eye in the sky said...

It's such a colorful post... from the lovely buildings to the paper fruits, and the candy-colored pool area at night. Beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you! All dapper dressed up in your tux. I loved seeing the inside of the ship Gil as I have never been on a cruise. Been thinking about it but all the bad press the cruise ships have been getting lately has me thinking twice about it. Would love to do the Alaskan cruise. As always, your photos are fabulous :)

A Lady's Life said...

Glad to see the gorgeous couple back.
The pictures as usual are beautiful.
Funny how land one day is used for one thing and then another for kites lol
I love the old ships but this ship also is beautiful.

Light and Voices said...

Oh my goodness that ship looks like heaven come down to earth. I bet you and your wife had a wonderful time aboard that ship.
Joyce M

Nikon said...

You really packed in some beautiful shots in this post, Gil!
I love the shot of the downtown's pastel buildings. I especially like the shots on the cruise ship - the "reflections" shot is great. So are the sculptures and artwork. The lighting on the final shot is stunning!

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! An enjoyable post indeed: all nice images, so beautiful the "people" and the "works of art" collages!
About Susa Valley, what you say is true: many terrible struggles are seen on television in these days between TAV and NOTAV.
Happy Sunday!

BLOGitse said...

What a post! Art, sun, sea, people...
I'm sure you had a great time.

It's SUNNY today here in Helsinki, feels like spring. How cool is that!
Soon this winter is only a memory...

Regina said...

Love cruising! Wonderful scenes and captures here. Thank you for sharing.

Have a great week ahead.

yyam said... the pool at night...looks spectacular! :)

Those artwork looks fabulous too...yet another place on my list to visit! Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!

Anupama K. Mazumder said...


Of all photos, I liked the all-so-blue one titled "Lift to the Sea"... is it shot from a capsule lift?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Amazing photos beautifully captured with plenty of information on the lovely place. Many,many thanks.

Best wishes,

Emery Roth said...

Lovely. I do hope we will get more of your cruise stops in subsequent posts. You've whetted my appetite.

Jane (my wife who lurks sometimes on your blog) and I are planning a trip to Galapagos and Machu Picchu. Is there a BLogtrotter entry for those destinations? Do you have any advice?

I write with the firm belief that you have been everywhere.

Travel France Online said...

A very nice sets of photos from Porto Rico and an apparently super cruise!
Greetings, DeeBee

Gattina said...

Must have been a wonderful trip !
I just came back from the French Riviera.

Marja said...

Nice trip I especially like the paste colour buildings

april said...

The pastell houses are really great.
Greetings, April

lv2scpbk said...

Love the paper fruit and the pool by night. Wonderful buidings and it looks like you're relaxing. Glad you visited my blog.

Oman said...

It's ok Trotter, we all need to have a break, forced or not, but I truly enjoy your feature on every place you go to :)

Cloudia said...

interesting place!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Quand les rêves deviennent réalité !
Cristobal n'était pas que le tonton de la chanson de Pierre Perret "Tonton Cristobal est de retour..."

Cergie said...

Ces fruits de papier sont très décoratifs, il me plairait d'en avoir chez moi dans une coupe....

lyliane six said...

Superbe le bateau,le 31 mai nous partons de Venise, pour une croisière vers les îles grecques, j'espère qu'elle serra aussi belle que la vôtre
bises à vous 2

Emery Roth said...

Paper fruit? Amazing! I hope the rest of the food was tastier. The old fort looks amazing!

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Back again to the old one year delay... Things are not easy here!!
Thanks for keeping this blog alive!!

That was in last year in April...


The art collections in some ships are astonishing!!

The vacation was last year...

La cathédrale est superbe, vue d’en haut d’un navire!!

It was lovely!! Having the hotel travelling during the night is superb!!

Hard to accomplish all the trips I would love to do...

Lovely, indeed!!

The Transsiberian is just a dream...

Always lovely to read you here!!


Trotter said...

Part Two:

C’est vrai: Manolo Valdes!!

Maybe a bit rainy; or it may be my bad luck...


Thanks for always commenting!!

The Jacuzzi is the best... ;)

OK, but better avoid Costa Cruises...


Glad you liked!!

It was almost perfect!!

Alaska is fabulous! Try Norwegian captains... ;)

Trotter said...

Part Three,

Thanks! Flying kites is great!!

A great ship indeed!!

Thanks!! My pleasure!

It’s a shame...

Sun and sea... I’m fine!!

My pleasure!!

A moonlight night on a ship in the middle of the sea is perfect!!


I’m the one to thank you presence and support!!

As you already know, I was in Lima, Peru, but not to Machu Picchu... Shame!!

Dee Bee,
Great cruise, indeed!

Trotter said...

Part Four and final, for the time being...

French Riviera? Great place to go in winter...

Great to read you back!!

Very nice colours, indeed...

Great to have you here!!



Il faut toujours rêver....

Les fruits de papier sont magnifiques…

Ah, les îles grecques… Magnifique!!

Incredible, I tell you!!

Gattina said...

What a nice cruise ! It's time for me to do one again, last one was 8 years ago ! Loved it !

Trotter said...

Start packing... ;)