Saturday, March 26, 2011


EZE - JUNE 2010

«Isis Moriendo Renascor» (In death I am Reborn) is the motto of Èze, a tourist site in the French Riviera, with fabulous views of the Mediterranean Sea. Its emblem is a Phoenix perched on a bone...


"THE EZE PASS - And other views from the Grande Corniche..."

"EZE - As seen from the parking""


"EZE - Its shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants attract a lot of tourists and thus Èze has become some kind of a «museum village», with very few permanent residents... Going to the Castle and seeing the oldest building in the village: the Chapel of the Holy Cross, dating from 1306. Members of the order of the White Penitents, assisting plague victims, would hold their meetings there"

"VIEWS FROM THE VILLAGE - Including the Friedrich Nietzsche Walk to the beach..."

"CHATEAU D'EZA HOTEL (a member of the Relais & Chateaux chain)"

"THE BOTANICAL GARDEN of Èze is known for its collection of cactus, as well as for its panoramic views"



"CHATEAU D'EZA HOTEL - Terrace and Bar... Èze is famous for its beauty and charm, with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea"



Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! After two posts inside museums, let’s get back to the open air; it’s time, as spring has come... ;). This is the last post on Côte d’Azur 2010! And it shows one of the most beautiful villages in the area: Eze!!! The views on Eze from the Grand Corniche and the views from Eze towards the Mediterranean Sea are stunning and well famous in all tourist brochures of the Côte. Scrutinize it yourself, leave your comment and have a fabulous weekend!!

wilbo43 said...

Ah, that brings back memories! When I grew up in Switzerland, my family travelled down to the Cote d'Azure every summer for our vacations. I know the area between Alassio in Italy and Marseilles in France very well.

Thank you for posting these beautiful images.

Thérèse said...

Quelles vues! On doit bien respirer de là-haut et bien méditer de bon matin lorsque tout dort encore...

SusuPetal said...

The blue of the sky and the sea is so bright and beautiful, as well are the views! Huge!

joo said...

This place is dream - like! I must visit it soon. Thanks for showing:)
Have a nice Sunday!

leo said...

Ah... Cote d'Azur finally images to the name. Learnt about it from various books that I read, as the destination for party extrodinaire. I love your previous post on Mamac museum. Stunning, stunning contemporary pieces. Love it.

lv2scpbk said...

I see you're still posting wonderful photos. I'm hoping to start getting back into posting again soon. Still having a few health issues here and there but hoping they're getting better.

Also, just been busy with other stuff also.

PeterParis said...

So, you went to the same place and terrace / restauarant, where I had lunch some two or three months earlier together with two blogger friends! (Maybe you saw my post!) ... and think that this now hotel / restaurant until the 1950's belonged to a member of the Swedish Royal family! Yes, it is full of tourists during the season, but must be seen!

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Cette côte est un véritable collier de perles.

diane b said...

What stunning views. I wouldn't like to walk up from the beach. !306 that's old!

magiceye said...

beautiful images!!

Regina said...

Breathing views and scenes Trotter.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy new week.

A Lady's Life said...

This sure is an ezy place to feast your eyes in.
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring place.

Dianne said...

Just perfect! except I wouldn't want to be walking home from the beach - up up up!! Spectacular views - great location - I could ease into Eze very easily.

Anonymous said...

Should I ever be so lucky as to get to the Riviera? :)

S-V-H said...

What a beautiful and interesting place this EZE is. I wish I could see it one day myself - maybe when I'll be relocated back to Switzerland - one day! :)

Thanks for sharing your travels with me, Manuel :)

Light and Voices said...

Looks like fairyland to! I hardly drink coffee but I love the smell of it.
Joyce M

yyam said...

Just beautiful!!! Love the pictures with the sea as the backdrop! :)

Cloudia said...

what views!

and that last photo ROCKED my world

Aloha to you
from Honolulu!

Comfort Spiral




Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. The view from the top is fantastic. First shot is my favorite.

eye in the sky said...

I like the church. And the view from the chateau is lovely!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW! What a spectacular view from the chateau on top of Eze! This area of the Cote d'Azur is very beautiful! I liked how small and snug the harbor looked below.

Nikon said...

That is a beautiful spot, Gil - what a charming little place.
The views of the sea from the top are fabulous.
I wish I was there :)

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! Thanks for this very nice tour of Eze: I've enjoyed it! Beautiful the landscapes, the church, the hotel, all the views are amazing!
Have a pleasant week :-)

hpy said...

Le paysage es très beau, mais où le Phénix?

RuneE said...

It is nice of you to show me where I ought to have been right now, and in the posts below I see where I once HAVE been :-)

BLOGitse said...

What a view, beautiful!
We got more snow in Helsinki...but now sun's shining :) and I feel better...

Chuckeroon said...

How on earth did F. Nietzsche come to get a special mention? I'm still chuckling. (Before you get the wrong impression, pse know that I did him as a special subject paper. Can't remember a thing - even worse!)

Gattina said...

Puts me in holliday mood ! I fly to Marseille on April 17 !

rochambeau said...

THIS is the most breathtaking part of the Riviera!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and photographs!


Mariposa said...

beautiful blue skies :)

My Unfinished Life said...

wow!!!....what a place to relax and chill out..sometimes am so jealous of you!!...u get to visit such nice places

Lori said...

Oh, that area looks spectacular! I would LOVE to see it in person. What great shots. (Though the view from the top makes me a little dizzy.)

Cergie said...

La France aux mille visages est un véritable paradis grâce à sa forme et sa géographie très particulière. Un tournant le passage d'une crête vers une autre vallée et le paysage change avec la végétation, le relief, l'architecture, les rivières, la mer... Ce message que tu as préparé en est une très bonne démonstration...

Ron said...

Beautiful, beautiful place. That's all I can say.

Ron said...

I just showed these pictures to my wife, she is very jealous. She is a French teacher.

Indrani said...

Great visuals. I like the pic mosaics you present us. :)

Emery Roth said...

"The Friedrich Nietzsche Walk to the beach"? There's got to be a story there. Terrific post. I want to go there.

Unknown said...

Hard not to fall in love with the villages. The views are stunning. How lovely to be there:))

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Holy God! This is paradise! I want to be dead and reborn over and over again in this place!

juka14 said...

A great place with a fantastic location. You had a perfect view from the hotel.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Spellbinding photos and very interesting information. You have shown so many lovely places in this post. I enjoyed going through the photos and the write up.

Best wishes,

elvira pajarola said...

MAGIC PLACE ON EARTH....truly wonderful, a fairytale town on top of a rock......fabulously photographed, indeed!!!!!

Splendid views and splendid vegetation and gorgeous walks down to the sea........

have a great week!!!

ciao ciao elvira

Ola said...

Just to have such views from a window!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

beautiful place. never been to eze, but will definitely go next time i do a cote d'azur tour!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

beautiful place. never been to eze, but will definitely go next time i do a cote d'azur tour!

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody!! One week break, two weeks forced work... ;) Sorry for being late in the replies, but things have been rather busy.... and disappointing, this side of the Atlantic!!
Thanks for your comments and for your presence even during my absence!!

That surely was a great time, coming south... That’s probably the reason you ended living Down Under... ;))

Èze est superbe et les vues de la Méditerranée sont inoubliables!! En plus, il y a un hôtel magnifique…

Great that you liked!! I tell you: Head South!! At least the sun shines... though tonight rain is dreadful... ;)

It’s a fabulous spot! But you need a car to do the Corniches, Lower, Medium and Grand... ;)

Glad to have put some sights on your imaginary of the place!! Jet set parties, that’s where they used to be...
The MAMAC is a pleasant surprise!!

Great to have you back!! Hope to see you around more often!! And hope that your health will give you some rest!!

It’s amazing the story of the Swedish Royal family investments in the hotel industry at the Côte... ;) Early June is still a decent time for visiting Èze and the rest of the Côte d’Azur...

The perles génuines et de grande qualité… Un peu comme les vraies perles noires de Polynésie…. ;)

That walk was reserved for Nietzsche... The result was «Also Sprach Zarathustra»!!


Great to read you back here again!! My pleasure to take you on this virtual trip through the Côte...

Trotter said...

Part Two:

I fully agree with you! It’s a shame that one cannot stay there longer than just a short journey on the way from one place to another... ;)

I can easily understand!! I think that those walks up from the beach had some influence on what Nietzsche ended up writing... ;)

I think you’ll be travelling to France this summer; it’s not the best season to go there, but one needs to take the chance... ;))

So, you’re thinking of getting back to Switzerland? Take a repositioning cruise to Lisbon and then rent a car from here: it will be a wonderful journey, with lots of fabulous shots... I’m sure!!

Not exactly Neuschwanstein, but an interesting castle anyhow!! And the views are stunning!!

Those are the pictures that surely make the unanimity!!


The views from the Grand Corniche towards Èze (the first one) and from Èze towards the Mediterranean Se (many of the others) are absolutely stunning!! And the air is inspiring... Great winds, no pollution... ;)

I knew you would like!!

The harbour is the small one from Èze bord de mer!! And the Chateau is now a lovely hotel!!!

I wouldn’t mind to be there also; furthermore, by this time of the day, people would be having some champagne... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Three:

Thanks for your comment! Always great to read you here!!

Le Phénix renaquit des cendres et est parti voir Èze du haut… ;) Grand problème pour le photographe… ;))

It’s great to bring back your good memories of the places where you have been... and also of where you will be one day... ;))

More snow? Don’t you think it’s too much... ;))

It seems the guy used to go to the beach though that walk and I wonder whether he would come back the same way uphill... That’s probably what made him say some of the things he said... ;)

Lucky girl!! So you’re already there!! And Marseille can still win the Championnat... ;) It will be a great party there if it happens... ;)


Not only the skies!! Everything else around looks beautiful... The only problem is that money is not an issue there and so prices tend to be a bit high, to say the least.... ;))

OK, you may relax there, and the place is probably best known as a relaxing spot... But live can be quite exciting around this area...

It’s a gorgeous place; and you won’t get dizzy there... unless the champagne flows... ;))

Tu as raison! En fait il y a un peu de tout autour de l’Hexagone... Même si quelque fois la vie devient difficile qui veulent la traverser… ;))

Trotter said...

Part Four, and final, for the time being...

I’m sure your wife would love to visit this part of France!!

Great that you like the collages! They are so time consuming that it pays to read that someone likes them... ;))

“Many hidden corners and quiets heights in the landscape of Nice were sanctified for me by unforgettable moments” said Nietzsche in Ecce Homo about his first stay on the Riviera from the December 2nd 1883 to April 20th 1884. Eze in particular by the path which takes from the station at the seaside to the village, will play a dominating part in his work. An oral tradition affirms that he stayed in Eze Seaside, on the site of the old post office. According to some people, he would have also slept on several occasions in the village. Like many writers, he needed to walk to create: “I could, without having the concept of tiredness, be in the mountains during seven or eight hours. I slept well, I laugh much. I was in a perfect condition of patience.” Nietzsche, who will come back every year to the French Riviera until 1888, travelled thousands of kilometres to find “the fabulous place” where he would find finally the calm: perhaps Venice or Nice but more surely Eze...


Reborn ok; but better not to die first… ;)

Absolutely perfect!

Thank you!

Great to read you back here!! Thanks for the compliments. I’m thrilled!!

A room with a view!!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy!!

Lakshmi said...

This post just swept me off my feet ..woah !

Trotter said...

Great!! ;)