Sunday, June 27, 2010



"CALA GONONE - A few years ago it was only a small suburb of fishermen near Dorgali"

"CAVES - The Bue Marino isn't the only cave in the Gulf of Orosei..."

"BUE MARINO CAVES - Among the best known in Sardinia, the caves owe their name to the Sardinian denomination of the monk seal, a mammal that has almost disappeared from the zone"

"LOTS OF DONTS - Including taking pictures... The 5 km long cave is visited for around 900m. The visit shows the southern branch, rich in stalactites and stalagmites and with a saltwater lake. It also shows a dozen of dancing figures engraved on its walls, graffiti from the Neolithic period. From the «Blond room», we get to the «Candelabra's room» and to the «Cake's room», until we reach the small beach where seals gave birth"







"DEL FICO CAVE - The 1,800 metres Cave of the Fig is considered one of the most beautiful and important caves in Sardinia"



Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! After a long weekend break and a week working abroad, it’s time to get back to blogging, without even mentioning what happened to France, Italy and (already today) USA in South Africa... Sardinia is full of caves, so this one, from outside (most do not allow taking pictures inside...), will be the first one shown here... ;))
Have a great Sunday and an exceptional week!!

Sylvia K said...

Your photos are gorgeous as always and what a breathtakingly beautiful place this is! Love the caves and the color of the water! Thanks for the tour!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Emery Roth said...

All is well here, Trotter. Sorry for the absence, but I have been deeply involved in a project.

Love your cave explorations. As a kid I recall how impressed I was by the history and immensity of Carlesbad Caves. These have the added bit of mystery that comes from being on the water. Lovely photos!

RNSANE said...

I am green with envy these day when I visit your totally grounded since retiring. Just spent five days in the hospital with cellulitis of my right lower leg so I'm not even dancing any jigs at home!!

Your pictures of the beautiful sea and caves in Sardinia are extraordinay. Lifts my spirits as nothing else can!!

James Dickson said...

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SusuPetal said...

Oh, those caves are beautiful and so interesting, and the color of the sea is just amazing!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a brilliant place! Breathtaking pictures, this must have been an out of the world experience for you both!

My Unfinished Life said...

wonderful place!! the turquise blues and greens are so surreal!!!!....

Dsole said...

Look at the colour of that sea! amazing tones!
It's been a long time since I didn't visit your blog, but I'm happy you continue traveling and sharing with us your spectacular pics, thaks a lot.

Good luck Portugal... ;)

eye in the sky said...

i like the way the enclaves look, with caves in them... beautiful place. i hate it when they prohibit photography. most times, i avoid places that do so.

Gattina said...

The beautiful landscape hasn't changed, there are only more tourists I suppose, I have been there in the 60th, lol !

Anonymous said...

very beautiful and very fascinating. I love how described the cave drawings as grafatti....:) Now I am off to catch that cab in Myrtle Beach. :)

alicesg said...

Wow Fantastic trip there. Always been fascinated by caves. The photos are beautiful. The sea looked so blue and inviting.

Olivier said...

toujours dans des paradis, c'est pas lassant ;o)) magnifique, j'adore les grottes

Pietro Brosio said...

Hi Gil! Fantastic blue and very beautiful images! Sardinia is always fascinating indeed!
Have a very pleasant week ahead :-)

Cloudia said...

I'd LOVE a can of Sardinias!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Nikon said...

That looks like a beautiful place to visit, Gil!
I can't believe the colors - blue is my favorite color :)
I'd love to go there.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil
The caves look spectacular! I've been to the blue grotto in Capri but the ones in Sardinia look so much more interesting. The color of the water is so beautiful.

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Nothing new to me, but good pics and a good link for my 'At Granny's in Sardinia'blog, for sure !

yyam said...

Oh my! That first picture is spectacular! I love the clear waters and those caves! :)

Have a great week my friend!

april said...

And again the wonderful colours of the sea. so many different shades. It must be great to visit those caves and get into them.
It's phantastic to see the island from above. Great photos you have taken from the plane.
Greetings from very hot Cologne,

Chuckeroon said...

...and I see the Missus is commenting quite animatedly on the caves. You've enjoyed yourself! Hiring 4 door Alfas and cruising around......

Unknown said...

Simply spectacular! The wondrous blues swept me away:))

Thérèse said...

The magic of caves!
Such a good way to stay cool!
I like very much the light in the one picture before last.

Ron said...

Great post! I love the blue water.

rochambeau said...

Hi Trotter,
What gorgeous color of water! Sardinia reminds me of Corfu Greece, including the caves.
Thank you for the beautiful tour!
Hello to Mrs. T.


Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gil,
after a sad period of time (since I lost my faithfull dog) I decided to visit your great blog, THANKS for the great and awsome impressions, this is making my day of today!
This is an amazing surrounding with the differing of colours, I LOVE this views of caves, all of them are pretty, even the ugli one's haha! Thanks for showing.

Greetings from JoAnn/Holland
today was IOS's birthday:(

Ms.N said...

Gorgeous pics... just as we are also deciding on italy for a vacation!

Unknown said...

Hi ya Gil and sorry, I've been MIA for so long. Love your few post below...I will need some time to go through all your beautiful pictures and read them. The caves are magnificent..wish I could go there. Happy week ahead.

P.N. Subramanian said...

Incredible and amazing. The turquoise green and blue waters are soothing to the eyes.

Rajesh said...

Fabulous shots of the beautiful place. Very scenic.

Ram Raja Temple, Orchha

lyliane six said...

Encore une petite île bien sympathique, qui est en projet pour mes prochains voyages.
Nous rentrons d'Espagne et ce soir nous suivrons avec passion le match de foot...Allez le Portugal!!!!

diane b said...

A magic place and exotic colours.

PeterParis said...

Worth a visit already for these caves!!! The colours, the water... !

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

Awesome and interesting caves. What a relaxing experience. I love the crystal blue water.

Tinsie said...

Stunning caves!

L. Neusiedler said...

it's time again for a small virtual holiday on your blog! wonderful, as usual :)!

Cergie said...

Du néolithique ! Comme la grotte Cosquer près de Cassis (France) et preuve que le niveau de l'eau a évolué sans doute car sinon comment accédaient-ils, nos ancêtres, sans bâteaux ? Et ces grottes se visitaient encore en 2009 sans crainte d'être endommagées ?

Lakshmi said...

caves and coast..what a combination...i need to get away somewhere soon

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

C'es vraiment le type de "blues" que l'on aimerait avoir très souvent !

juka14 said...

Such a great place to visit!! The blue colours are looking so inviting.

A Lady's Life said...

Beautiful Rock formations.
The caves are incredible!
Can you imagine nature making them?

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! So, Portugal is out of the World Cup (not such a big surprise, notwithstanding the fact that the team has one of the best players in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo ; the problem is that we have no coach. A bit like Argentina, which has Lionel Messi and many others, but no coach at all... Anyhow, there are a few interesting facts to note; primary, the first time the Cup was disputed in Africa, the African teams didn’t show once again; all gone by the quarter finals... Second, of four South American teams in the last eight, only one remains in the last four, with the always favourite Brazil gone, as well as Argentina, smashed by a German machine... Third, Europe, which saw the last champion (Italy) and the last runner-up (France) not going through, with big scandal, to the last sixteen, has three teams in the semis... Amazing Cup!! Would it be this time that Holland makes it? Or will Spain confirm its European Championship two years later? Or will it be like Lineker used to say: « in football it’s eleven against eleven and in the end Germany wins»? ;). I just don’t believe that Uruguay – though they are the only blues there (though pale... ;)) - could repeat 1930 and 1950; that would be the huge bolt from the blue... ;)). We’ll see next Sunday...

You are right; this is absolutely breathtaking and a great surprise to me, as usually Sardinia is linked to the Costa Smeralda, but very few mention the Gulf of Orosei... a gem not to be lost by any reason...

Great to hear good news; usually, no news is good news, but I’m not that sure it also applies to the blogosphere... ;))
I didn’t explore many caves while a kid, actually I still have a somehow claustrophobic feeling getting into small caves; but the new technologies that make these caves some magnificent temples helped me to enjoy the visits much more than in previous times... I’ll have another one from Sardinia, with inside views in one of the next posts... ;)

So great to read you back here! Hope everything is well with you and that the leg problem is healed... Careful with the cholesterol; don’t eat so much foie-gras... ;))
I use to say that I’m grounded, but it seems that you’re also feeling the same way... ;). Anyhow, you’ll have some astonishing Sardinian spots to visit here in the next posts; it’s beyond belief... ;)

What an idea? Why should I ever go to Myrtle Beach and catch a taxi? Well, at least your comment looked fun, the reason why you’re one of the very few spammers who hasn’t had the comment immediately deleted... ;))

Hope everything is fine with you; anyhow is summer and summer is your season... ;). Those blues are fabulous!! I must confess that though Sardinia wasn’t a surprise, the Gulf of Orosei was actually a revelation...

You’re definitely right, it was an out of the world experience; and you’ll understand it better with the next posts... Sardinia is unquestionably a place to visit, but the Gulf of Orosei is probably the most hidden of the gems in the emerald gem of Sardinia...;))

I’ve had some astonishing experiences with the blues in the Mediterranean Sea: you know my great affection to the dark blue of the Aegean Sea... But I must confess that this Caribbean-like turquoise of the Sardinian waters went far beyond my best expectations... ;)

It’s great to see you alive and commenting here... ;). As far as travelling, I’m trying to do my best; with only one week official vacation a year, it’s not an easy task not getting grounded... ;)
Now, how could we have luck without a decent coach and against «La Roja»? ;)) Hope you manage to go through against Germany (though a very tough job, it wouldn’t be the first time... ;)), but my feeling is that Holland has its chance again this year... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Two:

I agree with you: I thought that they prohibited photography because they wanted to sell the official guide and the books with nice pricey pictures on it... No! There wasn’t any decent guide or book available, not even a mere set of post-cads... So, they probably think the pictures damage the stones; but in that case they could forbid only the use of flash... ;))

I’m sure that, if you have been there in the (late) sixties, there were probably some changes and certainly there are many more tourists now... Actually, there are many more tourists everywhere, so that isn’t a great surprise... ;)). But it keeps its beauty, as always... though the traffic in the Costa Smeralda zone is a true nightmare in the high season... ;))

It seems that was the way to write on walls in the Neolithic period... ;)) Graffiti is just its most recent way to name it... Hope you had a great experience with that cab at Myrtle Beach... ;)). There are spammers with great imagination, who at least don’t sell the usual s... ;))

Alice Sg,
I’ll have some more caves for you; at least one where pictures were allowed inside; a true stone show... But my preference definitely goes to the water and to the amazing colours it has in the Gulf of Orosei and also in other parts of Sardinia, as we’ll see in the next posts... ;)

C’est vrai qu’il y a des paradis quelques fois juste à coté… Le problème est qu’il faut avoir les yeux bien ouverts pour ne pas les rater… ;)) C’est le cas de la Sardaigne, qui est juste là et, je suspecte, de la Corse aussi… ;))

Fascinating indeed! And just around the corner... A great advantage when time is at a premium and one doesn’t have so many chances to make long trips... ;)) I was very happy to have discovered it...

Aloha!! In that case you must come to Portugal, hurry up; better come while we still have that industry and the best grilled sardines in the world... Sardinia isn’t definitely the best place to find those cans... ;))

So we are already two with the blue... I knew Sardinia had some fabulous water colours, with the world known Costa Smeralda, but the Gulf of Orosei was a complete surprise; a true hidden gem just around the corner, at least for those of us living in Europe... ;))

The Blue Grotto is special... Of course, there are thousands of tourists there, it’s only one large cave with no other details, but the way the light gets into and the colours it generates are absolutely stunning... Anyhow, the Bué Marino is different, but also an extraordinary experience!!

So, you knew the Gulf and didn’t tell anybody... ;)). I’m sure that the few that come to this blog, after seeing what Sardinia has to offer, will consider the buying of a property in Sardinia; your chance to take your Granny’s house out of the market. Sold!! ;)

We don’t see much of the Bué Marino cave here, as they don’t allow pictures inside, but the colours of the Mediterranean Sea waters in the Gulf of Orosei are absolutely stunning!!

So «Die Mannschaft» started performing like the traditional German machine; congratulations! The performance against Argentina was at least as stunning as the colours of the water in the Gulf of Orosei... ;))
Pictures taken from regular airplanes are usually distorted by the plane windows; but it’s true that this time I managed to get some nice shots, and of course Sardinia helped a lot... ;)). It’s going to be in the 30ºs Celsius today in Lisbon... ;)

It’s one of Missus’ expertises: comments on what she is seeing... ;)). And with only one official week vacation, one has to pamper himself during those days... no wonder the Alfa, though the Jaguar or the Rolls would be much more adequate in style... ;))

That’s exactly how you say: spectacular!! I’m still impressed when I see the colours of those waters some months later... a true gem hidden just around my corner... ;))

Joy said...

Oh, Gil! Thanks for sharing these caves. They are so exciting! I'd love to be there. And the turquoise sea is enchanting!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. Here's to a great week ahead!

Trotter said...

Part Three:

So, today is the perfect day to get to the caves, as the temperature reached 38.5º Celsius by 1:00 p.m. and is still 32º by 8:00 p.m. Unfortunately I was outside, and that was a terrible error... ;)
It’s true that the Del Fico cave came out extremely well...

There will be lots of blue water for you to enjoy in the next posts!! In fact the colours of the Mediterranean Sea around Sardinia are absolutely fantastic; a dream coming true... ;)

Having seen both – Corfu and Sardinia -, it’s difficult to make a choice; but if I had only one chance, I would probably bet on Sardinia... ;))
You’re always welcome to come with... Mrs. Trotter says hello, also... ;))

Thanks for the visit in such sad circumstances!! I hope you’ll find some healing seeing the wonderful views of the Sardinian coast; even of the ugly caves... ;))! Of course, it will be a poor exchange in comparison to your Ios, but that is what it is expected when one has dogs as pets, as they usually, except for turtles, live much less than the average lifetime of a human being... Anyhow, enjoy the caves and the sea and the blues and the Clockwork Orange team going to the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa instead of the always favourite Brazil national team...

So you’ll have a lot to choose from the Italian catalogue... ;)). I’ve been several times to Italy, and it’s not an easy task to see all the amazing beauties the country has to show... Of course, this does not include «la squadra azzurra», the national football team, which came out of the South Africa 2010 World Cup without Glory or, at least, Honour... ;)). And it won’t include next year «The Special One», as José Mourinho, after having won the Champions League with Inter Milan, has moved to Real Madrid... ;))

Great to read you back commenting on Blogtrotter Two; you’ll have a lot to see after such a long time... It will take time, but I’m confident will leave a comment at least on the most impressive posts... ;)
Make your dreams come true; don’t resist your temptations: start packing... ;))

Amazing, it surely is... Incredible? You may believe in what you are seeing; there is no Photoshop added on those blues and turquoise greens... ;))

Thanks! I’m glad that you liked the pictures of this absolutely fascinating place... It’s even much more surprising when you see it with the wide angle of your own eyes... ;))

Bon, comme tu as du bon goût, ce n’est pas une surprise que la Sardaigne figure sur ta liste des locaux à visiter dans l’avenir prochain… En plus tu as de la chance et maintenant je crois que tu te promènes tous les mois… ;). En ce qui concerne le foot, comme tu as vue, le Portugal a été presque le même cataclysme que la France, sauf qu’il y a eue la Corée du Nord pour apaiser un peu les âmes et pour tromper les gens sur la qualité de l’entraineur… ;)). Mais l’Espagne y est encore (même si leur jeux ne sont pas fameux…), maintenant pour faire face à l’incontournable Allemagne… ;)). On verra!! La curiosité est qu’on est déjà sûr qu’un finaliste n’aura pas encore perdu dans cette Coupe du Monde: la Hollande ou l’Uruguay…

Magic indeed, even if the some beaches in the Gulf of Orosei are not as the ones you are used to in Queensland… ;) But the colours of the sea around the village of Cala Gonone compete quite well with the best you may get at the Great Barrier Reef... ;))

Don’t expect to get such colours in Sesimbra, and the water will be much cooler than in Sardinia; that is for sure... ;). It’s a shame that they didn’t allow taking pictures inside, but I’ll post on another cave in Sardinia where pictures were allowed and you’ll see how superb the caves are... ;))

Great to read you back here after some time!! And this is a post that deserved your comment with such wonderful colours and caves... ;))

I don’t remember seeing such caves in the Greek islands... Maybe I was a bit distracted... ;))

Trotter said...

I’m truly glad that you take some minutes off of your busy schedule to make your virtual vacations at Blogtrotter Two!! ;))

Je regrette toujours n’avoir pas fait le tour des criques, maintenant le Parc National des Calanques… Je ne sais pas si j’aurais eu la chance de visiter la Grotte Coster, mais du moins les calanques semble superbes ; une prochaine fois, car la France n’est pas encore finie pour moi… seulement pour Domenech… ;))
Cette idée que nos ancêtres n’avaient pas des moyens de se mouvementer dans l’eau ne semble pas être acceptée par tout le monde… ;)). Je crois que les grottes se visitent encore en 2010… Heureusement… ;))

I understand that feeling! Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy for me to get away as soon as I wish... ;))

J’avoue que pour moi tous les «blues» sont bons... ;))

More than inviting... ;))

I can imagine Nature in the making; harder would be to imagine man making them... ;))

Trotter said...

It's not as far as the Philippines, so I assume it would be easier for you to get there... Start packing... ;)

Regina said...

I always love the waters. Such wonderful place. Love the caves. Great tour Trotter.

Trotter said...

Thanks! My pleasure...

Stella Bella said...

The water is so blue and beautiful!

I wanna go for a swim there! :D

Trotter said...

You better start packing... ;))

Dina said...

What wild rocks and caves! A great adventure you had on the island!

Thanks for my first view of Sardinia.

Trotter said...

It was actually an extraordinary adventure!!

lv2scpbk said...

Water caves are always fun to go into to.

Trotter said...

You're absolutely right!!

seema gupta said...

a thrilling experience to watch these caves.


Trotter said...