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"PORTO CERVO is probably the most famous resort in Sardinia and it is the main centre of the Costa Smeralda"

"THE PIAZZETTA is the heart of the village and the location of Hotel Cervo. If you think that the mansions are fabulous, just wait to see the yachts..."

“HOTEL CERVO one of the Starwood Stars in the area..."

"SHOPPING - Just the best... What colour do you prefer for your moccasins?"

"YACHTS - The difficulty of choice..."

"EL GAMA - the smaller one is registered in Madeira..."

"IL GRILL - Dining al fresco and enjoying Piazza del Principe (Aga Khan)"

"HOTEL CERVO at night"

"YACHTS - Lighted..."

"NARA, ONA & DILBAR - NARA: 61m long, crafted in 1979, is able to accommodate a total of 26 people on board, including 17 crew members. Flagged in Bermuda, the official registry port is Hamilton and her home port is Viareggio, Italy. The owner is from the Middle East...
ONA: Built in the Netherlands and launched in 2005. With an overall length of 66.01 metres, ONA can accommodate 14 passengers and 22 crew members. Flagged in the Cayman Islands, the official registry port is George Town and her home port is Piraeus, Greece...
DILBAR: The 110m long yacht was built in 2008. She is owned by Alisher Usmanov and is currently number 18 in the list of the largest yachts in the world. Dilbar includes one helipad and can accommodate 20 passengers and 47 crew members. Flagged in the Cayman Islands, the official registry port is George Town. Dilbar is the first yacht in the world with particle filters on the main engine exhausts...
Now, which one do you care for? ;)"


"FLYSAILING CAPO CACCIA - Goodbye Sardinia 2009"


Trotter said...

Hi Folks! This is the last post on Sardinia 2009! And to conclude, what better than the jet set resort of Porto Cervo and its fabulous collection of yachts in the marina? Absolutely stunning, furthermore in time of crisis... No crisis on that side of the world... ;)). As for the rest, the delay in posting is returning to the average one year! So, enjoy, keep this blog alive by dropping a line and have a great Sunday and a tremendous week ahead ;))

SusuPetal said...

I wouldn't want any of those yachts, they're too big, too much to clean :)

diane b said...

What a great holiday you had. Sardinia is a beautiful place. Thank you for showing me around. Looks like a lot of money in all those yachts. I reckon the wife might be the least expensive.

Gizelle said...

Me encanta! Woudl love to be there myself! Where are you headed next?

joo said...

Looks like a great place and honestly i would do with one of those beauties in marina:)
Your night shots are stunning!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific trip for today, Trotter, and your photos are fantastic as always! I really love your night shots! They're superb! And what a great and beautiful place! As I've said before, your photos/posts are the next best thing to being there! Hope you have a great week!


Tinsie said...

Blue is such a beautiful colour :-)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Absolutely marvelous! Magical!

For me - a dream world!!!

Bindhu said...

Quite glamorous! :)

My Unfinished Life said...

i want go on a beach holiday!!!!
your pics made me go mad with the want to go to a holiday sooooooooooon!!
lovely pics of a lovely destination

Joy said...

Looks like a really affluent place. I like how you captured the golden lights in the distance.

Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

alicesg said...

Very beautiful photos. The town looked so peaceful and so clean. It make travelling so stress free and enjoyable. Glad that you and your wife travelled so much and share your travel photos with us.

MedaM said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour around lovely Sardinia.

Ash said...

Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing...

Lakshmi said...

Just got back from Hong Kong and what do I see..two lovely posts ..thanks for the visual and virtual treat

elvira pajarola said...

Ahhh, si, caro Trotter; si, si, this is a wonderful life!!!
Oh I see, you must have had so much fun in Sardinia; I am convinced!

Marvellous shots and magnificient mosaics .....GREAT WORK!!!!

(oh, all my compliments to your beautiful wife!)

have a beautiful time!
ciao ciao elvira

A Lady's Life said...

People sure know how to live.
This is heaven.
I would move into one of those yachts and live right there on the wharf.
Thats a beautiful life style.
If you tire of one place just change wharfs lol

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

So long Sardinia !
and welcome Corsica ?
Couldn't you stay quiet, now, near the fireplace ?

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious....those yachts are amazing and I love them in the night glamorous. Haha....sure puts the little boat we went out in to shame but I will show it anyway in my next blog post. Thanks Gil for including us in all your beautiful vacations. ~

Ron said...

The first picture is wonderful. I would love to reside in one of those houses on the hillside. I also like the picture of the hotel at night. Very nice photography my friend.

yyam said...

Ahhh...beautiful yachts. Can't decide which one I want! It must really beautiful there at night! :)

magiceye said...

thank you for the fascinating virtual tour!

Emery Roth said...

Clearly I've been literally missing the boat hanging around lobstermen.

Nikon said...

Hello Gil, kind of tough to pick a yacht to own! they are amazing.
I love the water there - the blue.
Thanks for a great tour of that beautiful island!

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! Portro Cervo is really a fantastic place, and you describe it so well with your beautiful series of pictures! How nice the photo of you and your wife at the restaurant and the night views!
Happy week :-)

Gattina said...

Was a very beautiful trip you did ! I am going to Egypt again this year on Oct. 17 ! you put me even more in holiday mood !

eye in the sky said...

The port looks like a dream as well. And at night, the place looks dreamy and romantic. Great set of photos here.

RuneE said...

... or which one was yours? ;-)

My only ship is in a bottle.

BLOGitse said...

I need a holiday! Your pictures fault :)
Your comment on Keat's blog - I disagree with you! I'd love to visit that misty place on top of the hill... :)
Want to see Baltic Sea - come on and check my Helsinki post - there's one sea picture now and more coming soon!
On Monday back to Casa...

Cergie said...

Je suis frappée par la première image qui résume l'impression que me donnent toutes les autres de ce message : opulence, avec cet empilement des toits terrasses et des volumes qui rappellent l'empilement des plateaux des tables et des dossiers des chaises.
On retrouve cette profusion notamment avec les coques des yachts.

april said...

Wonderful photos, especially those from the plane.
Greetings, I.

rochambeau said...

Porto Cervo at night in pink moccasins! Does life get better?
Thank you and Mrs. Trotter for sharing your great journey of Sardinia with us. It's fun to travel via the computer!!


Alexander said...

Looks like a great holiday! The yachts towards the end is really beautiful. What a view.

Alex's World! -

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed, very much, your posts on Sardinia.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil
Beautiful yachts, night scenes anddeparting airplane window photos of Sardinia! This looks like one of your favorite relaxing with good food and beautiful sights to see!
Hope you are feeling well.

HalfCrazy said...

Oh I'm so glad to have seen this blog post, haha! You never fail to amaze me! :)

The yachts are so fabulous, but I wonder why there are not a lot of people around? Is it too costly and only people like you get in? Haha!

Everything looks amazing at night!

Lori said...

I'd go for a ride in any of those yachts! They are impressive. Sardinia looks amazing. Another place to add to the list to visit someday!

irinapictures said...


Rajesh said...

Beautiful place for a relaxed time. The night shots are amazing.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Greetings:)

Marvelous photos of lovely places,stunning beauties of yachts,lovely illuminations and I am sure you had an enchanting holiday here.

Many thanks for showing me these alluring places.

Best wishes:)

Cloudia said...

I shall whisper "Smeralda" all day!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! So, Sardinia is already past, though there are some very nice memories of the place... (I’m always wondering why does G@tto want to get rid of her Granny’s house there... ;)). Sad was only the fact that we were not invited to go on one of the fabulous yachts docked in Porto Cervo... ;) But, luckily, we weren’t also invited to Villa Certosa... ;). Anyhow, I hope you have enjoyed and let’s move to the South Rim... of the Mediterranean... ;))

Come on dear, with one of those yachts, you would have a legion of people to clean while you enjoyed the Jacuzzi... to say the least... ;))

Great, but you made me remember Alaska and British Columbia, which are fabulous destinations for a holiday... Even with the traditional wet summer in Alaska... and with (or without) Chateauneuf du Pape... ;))

Wow, so great to see you back here commenting!! I wouldn’t mind to be back there again... but in summer, not now that almost everything is going to hibernate till next April/May... ;).
You know already where I headed to next... Not exactly an exciting tourist destination... ;)

It is a great place... and I’m sure you would do a lot with one of those yachts... At least I would do great tours, should I have one... ;))

This time the usual blurred night shots didn’t come out so badly as in other times... I was also surprised myself... ;))

Blue is wonderful, the best and the most beautiful... And the Blues are the best ever... (a certain portion of them, starting with F.C. Porto... ;))

Dream world indeed... At least dreaming is still inexpensive for almost everybody in the world... ;))

Wow! Another glorious return to the blogosphere world!! Thanks for coming back here and leaving your comment... Long time no see...
And truly glamorous, for sure...

I thought you were going to say you wanted to go on a yacht holiday... ;)). I understand how people get can crazy with such «boats»... ;)

Affluent? Started by the Prince Aga Khan that thought the Côte D’Azur was already too crowded by the end of the 1950s what would you expect... ;)). That Dilbar yacht is worth many millions... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Two:

More than a town is just a very large resort for people who can afford having such big yachts... And, of course, with millions on your bank account, it is absolutely stress free to stroll in Porto Cervo... lol!!

My pleasure! Thanks for taking some of your precious time to visit and comment here at Blogtrotter Two.

So glad to see you back visiting and commenting regularly... It was a too long time you were offline...

You’re always travelling nowadays... That’s what I call a real trotter’s life... and a treat... ;))

Oh dear I can imagine the impact of «shopping, dining, yachting and sightseeing» in your life... And I think I know already what will be your next holiday destination in Italy... ;) Anyhow, it’s an easy ride from where you are... ;)). But I tell you that, far from any other else, my favourite destination in Italy is... Tuscany!! Thanks for the compliments!

I would say: people, who can afford, surely know how to live... ;))
That’s what I like in cruising: the hotel sails with you and moves overnight: no need to pack and unpack... ;))

Corsica? How did you found out? But with the delay in posting, there will be almost a year to get to see it... ;))
How could I stay quiet? I don’t even have a fireplace... ;))

Those yachts are from another galaxy... Forget about it and enjoy the small boats we are able to use... or then bet in Euromillions, it seems someone from UK just won more than 150 million USD last Friday... ;))

Thanks! I can imagine you living on one of those houses... Piece of cake: just put many millions of euro on the table and there will be one of those houses for sale... Surely... ;))

That’s the problem when there is a lot to choose from... Better you take the Dilbar and then invite me to sail there too; there will be plenty of space for everybody in such a yacht... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Three:

My true pleasure!!

That’s the problem: just paying too much attention to the lobsters, we don’t even see the yachts... ;))

Don’t worry... people who know (not me who have never had the experience) say that there are only two happy days in the life of a boat owner; the day you buy it and... the day you sell it!! ;)
My pleasure!

Thanks! Porto Cervo is much closer to you than to me... so it could have been you to paint it in blue for us all... ;). Thanks for the comment and for the continued support to Blogtrotter!!

You’re welcome!!
Incredible: again to Egypt... You’re diving in the Red Sea or just enjoying the late sun on the beach? You’re not going to tell me that you’re going there to see for the «n»th time the Pyramids... ;))

Romantic it is; but a large bank account would help a lot to improve the «romanticism» of the place... ;)

Great to have you back commenting here!!
Great to have a boat on a bottle... At least it’s something normal people can easily afford... depending on the bottle... ;))

Oh dear, visiting a misty place on the top of a hill? You surely need a vacation... lol!! I would love to get back to Finland after so many years; but that will have to wait for summertime... ;)

Opulence! C’est vraiment ce qu’on trouve à Costa Smeralda, en particulier Porto Cervo... Je me demande combien de gens «normaux» se promènent par là comme nous l’avons fait… ;)

I’m so glad you noticed those pictures from the plane! The last one was a great surprise, as the reflection of the window somehow created that impression of a yacht sailing over Capo Caccia... But you were the only one to detect it... Thanks!!

Trotter said...

Part Four and final, for the time being...

Pink, yellow, purple or green, any colour would be great to stroll around the Piazetta, provided that you credit card entitles you to unlimited credit or has a very high limit... ;)). Much easier with computer travel, I agree... ;))

Great to have you back here!
You mean the Dilbar? With more than one hundred metres length, it must be surely a treat to sail there... ;)

Great to read it!! I also love your pictures of NYC! And I’m missing it so much that your pictures are the only comfort I can find to console my poor soul... Must go there rather sooner than later... ;)

So you also noticed the plane pictures! Great eye!! ;)
This comment of you on favourite trips made me think that it’s quite hard to say which have been my favourite trips... Maybe because the pleasure, like Stevenson said, lies more in the travel itself than on the place you go to... But the Seychelles and the Kenyan Safari in 1994 has a special place in the memory!!

Wow! Finally you got back to life at the blogosphere!! Great to have you commenting back here!! Costly? Are you kidding? It’s disgracefully expensive to say the least… LOL!!
As for the night shots, «all cats are grey in the dark»… ;)

I would join you for the ride in anyone of them... ;)


Thanks! Like the 1546 Book of Proverbs of John Heywood would say: «When all candles be out, all cats be gray»... ;))

Thanks for your thorough and discerning comment!! And for keeping this blog alive with your help!!

Great way to spend the day... ;)

juka14 said...

Super yachts! I think the Dilbar suits me the best.

Trotter said...

You're definitely a person of good taste

Ephesus said...
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Trotter said...

One day I'll get to Capadocia for sure! But not with your spam adds pushing me... ;))

seema gupta said...

I am here to see the world from your eyes and from these beautifull pictures and description. i hope i will see and read whoile of your posts, as they are very eye catching and amezing


Trotter said...

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the tour... Taking into account what has been also published in the former Blogtrotter blogs, you'll have a great deal of travelling in front of you... ;)