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"MALFINI BAY - Mountain and Sea!"


"PRIVATE BEACH - White sand, turquoise waters and green trees..."










Trotter said...

Hi Folks! It seems that Haiti is no longer drawing the attention of people and media. The succession of natural disasters, now with the terrible Chilean earthquake, has diverted interest on what happens in Haiti... However, as calamity never comes alone, it should be paid more care to what is happening over there.
Anyhow, the part of the Hispaniola Island shown here has not been directly affected by the earthquake; so I presume things are running smoothly there, as usual!
Have a great week!

Olivier said...

des paysages de revent, une eau d'une couleur sublime

SusuPetal said...

Those mountains are so beautiful and the turquoise sea awesome.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! I can look at these pictures forever!

Thérèse said...

An incredible vegetation. And a place which reminds us not to take anything for granted.
Beautiful pictures!

eye in the sky said...

The waters look so clean, very inviting indeed.

magiceye said...

thank you so much for this lovely virtual tour!

My Unfinished Life said...

wat a beautiful place, and that makes the tragedy all the more serious!!
while in bali, our guide was relating the years of hardship all people had to go through after the 2005 bombings there!!...he told us what he himself had to go was so unbelievable watching the beautiful place, but it was all true!!

Anonymous said...

Those poor people. That private beach is amazing!! :)

Indrani said...

Yes Haiti is almost forgotten. :(
I hope the country gets more attention and is back on tracks soon. Great pictures!

Gattina said...

What a paradise !
and it can turn to hell so quickly !

indicaspecies said...

What superb photos! And to think that place was ravaged with the calamity!! Sad about the Chilean earthquake too.

These sunset pictures are breathtaking!

Gil, thanks for your visit and the good wishes. A happy Holi to you too.;)

calgal said...

Wow!! Gorgeous is the word..Amazing views ..thanks for the pictures..

Urmi said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy Holi.
Unbelievable..Absolutely stunning photography..What a lovely place and all the pictures looks gorgeous.

lv2scpbk said...

That water looks so nice and clean. Refreshing. Love the sunsets too.

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

What an exquisite panoramic view of the sea!

Ron said...

These are some awesome pics. I never imagined the beautiful blue water nor the mountains surrounding them. That is true beauty.

yyam said...

Oh my! How beautiful is that private inviting! :)

Regina said...

Amazing scenery!
Beautiful Haiti.
Great capture Trotter.
Thank you for sharing.

Rajesh said...

Incredible place. Very scenic. The images of the place are stunning.

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, these are spectacular pictures, the greenery and the sea have so beautiful colors and shades! I like very much the collages as well!
Have a nice week!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

La vie est plus clémente pour les touristes que pour les autochtones.
Joli et pauvre pays !

Mariposa said...

the pictures are sooo breathtaking!!

rochambeau said...

Thank you Gil,
For sharing these amazing photos of the Hispaniola Island in Haiti. Such brilliant blue waters and stunning orange sunsets! Our earth, she is so pretty. Glad to hear this part was not ruined by disaster.

Please give my regards to Mrs. Trotter. When are you planning your next adventure?


rochambeau said...

Thank you Gil,
For sharing these amazing photos of the Hispaniola Island in Haiti. Such brilliant blue waters and stunning orange sunsets! Our earth, she is so pretty. Glad to hear this part was not ruined by disaster.

Please give my regards to Mrs. Trotter. When are you planning your next adventure?


Neva said...

Beautiful photos!!!!

Venksh said...

Hi Gil,
Haiti is really a beautiful place to visit.
The Malfini bay is awesome nice pic gil,
Sunset n beach is agreat combination for photography superb picx...


hpy said...

It looked magnificent!

diane b said...

Breathtaking shots.

Cergie said...

Des collines boisées somptueuses qui plongent dans la mer. Quelque part cela me rappelle les prairies de l'Ecosse.
Et cette baie fermée qui contraste par les bleus avec la pleine mer ! On imagine à la fois le rocher volcanique sorti des eaux et une immensité vierge...

Dina said...

The colors are so beautiful. I'd like to be in that water right now.

So glad you say this part of Haiti was not damaged.

Alexander said...

Very pretty place. The scenery is beautiful. Looks like you had a great time! :)

Alex's World! -

juka14 said...

The colour of the water is looking great. Beautiful place!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil
The photos you have here are really gorgeous. It looks like a tropical paradise in this section of the island.

I do hope that the re-building goes quickly in earthquake effected Haiti. The hurricane season will be here before we know it and all the people living in temporary shelters will be at risk.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

What a place!!! I mean, WHAT A PLACE!!! Really, looks like a paradise. So much thanks to you to share :)

Neelima Vallangi said...

wow! amazing waters and i am sure it must have been a lovely place.
And the sunset looks gorgeous..

Cloudia said...


Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I liked this so much that I came back to see it again! :)

Kcalpesh said...

This truly serene and awesome! Reminds me so much of my trip to andamans!!

alicesg said...

The scenery is so awesome and beautiful. So sad about those earthquakes. Thanks for the concern in my blog. Have a nice weekend.

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! It feels a bit weird to see the evolution of the visitors to Blogtrotter’s blogs. The first Blogtrotter used to have some 180 visitors a day (small figure) and an average of five /six comments a day while the post was on the first line; now, Blogtrotter 2 has some seven/eight visitors a day, and gets an average of some five/six comments... It looks truly a private affair, though it’s not intended to be... ;))
Anyhow, thanks to all of you who come here and drop a line. Truly thankful!!

C’est vrai que la couleur des eaux au Haïti est vraiment fabuleuse... En plus, le ciel aide aussi un peu à la symphonie des bleus et le contraste avec le vert de la forêt est admirable!!

It’s amazing how high those mountains can be by the sea; and the weather, differently of what has been happening lately a bit everywhere, helped a lot during our stay there... ;))

I’m glad you enjoy! My pleasure to make it happen... Feel free to return anytime you wish... ;)

It’s important to be prepared for not having anything for granted... but, fortunately, this side of the island wasn’t at all directly affected by the earthquake...

Immaculate clean, fabulous temperature, awesome setting, and only a maximum of thirty people on the private beach... Paradise on Earth... ;)

My pleasure! I’m the one who is grateful for you taking the time to come here and to drop a line!!

At least this part of the country wasn’t directly hit by the quake!!
We were in Bali just before the 2005 bombings ( and that was again a shock to see what happened afterwards... It seems that stupidity and tragedy don’t chose unattractive targets...

Probably the Haitians depending on the Labadee resort are some of the few in Haiti who manage to keep their lives a bit over the average standard of the country; and fortunately they weren’t directly affected, though there were some (silly, I think...) views on the stopping of the ships in the place, which would have add much more pain to the trauma...

It’s the normal path of things: new tragedies make the old ones to be forgotten; but they remain tragedies anyhow... And we are getting plenty of them nowadays all around the world...

This part of the Island didn’t turn to hell, fortunately, though there were some people wanting the place to really turn to hell by stopping the only source of income of this part of the island (and the main source of foreign currency to Haiti) to stop going there...

Welcome back here! Long time no see... ;)
It seems that the Chilean earthquake was even much worse than the one in Haiti; just heard that one in every eight families in Chile was directly hit by the quake; that’s an awful record...
Hope you had a great Holi Fest! I’ve seen some pictures of my friends in India with all those colours on... ;))

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here! It’s my pleasure to take you around the globe in a sofa trip... ;))

Thanks for the wishes! This part of the Hispaniola Island is absolutely stunning, and the resort surely matches some of the best on the other side (in the Dominican Republic)...

Refreshing when you’re getting temperatures below freezing? I can’t believe... ;))
The sunsets were gorgeous throughout, as we’ll see in the next posts, but they didn’t match the most fabulous I’ve seen (but unfortunately didn’t record in photo or video) in the Fiji Islands!!

That’s how you see it either from deck fourteen of a huge ship or just by the water level... ;))

You’re surely not the only one to be surprised with these pictures of Haiti, though there are several thousands of people from the US who land there every week... ;). I myself was also surprised, as I wasn’t giving much to that destination, which proved to be one of the best (if not the best) in the whole cruise!! ;))

Trotter said...

Private indeed, but accessible and affordable... ;). So it’s probably wise that you start packing your stuff... ;))

My pleasure! Great that you enjoyed! It’s all there for you to explore! And it’s absolutely stunning, indeed!!

The place is awesome; much more interesting than anyone could easily anticipate... at least much more than I could anticipate... ;)

It’s truly amazing the mix of blue and green on that part of the Island, and the pattern of blues is quite extensive...

Normalement c’est toujours comme ça, sauf peut-être dans le cas du pays que reçoit plus de touristes au monde… ;) ; en effet, je crois que la vie est beaucoup plus clémente pour la plupart des Parisiens que pour beaucoup des touristes que la visitent… ;))

I’m happy that you liked them; pure joy is the aim of the photographer... Sometimes it works... ;)

It’s true that this side wasn’t ruined by the quake; and it’s a heaven destination indeed!! And the sunsets were excellent!
After this trip in February 2009, the next one took place only five months later, in July. It’s incredible how sedentary I’ve become... ;)). Wait to see where we did go that time; it’s also an interesting spot!!

Great to read you here!!

I wouldn’t generalise; this part of Haiti is probably entirely different of the most other parts of the country... So, I wouldn’t be so sure to say that «Haiti is really a beautiful place to visit»...
Sunset on the beach (or at sea...) is always a guaranteed success... ;))

Not everything... ;)

More than the shots, some of the views were actually breathtaking... I just tried to find the right angle... ;))

C’est vrai, mais en Écosse les montagnes ne sont pas si hautes; et la végétation est loin d’être aussi exubérante que celle que tu trouves en Haïti… En plus, le bleu du ciel ne brille que quelques rares jours de l’année… ;))
Le rocher est le dragon qui est venu des entrailles de la Terre… ;))

You have better start packing, as the hurricane season is approaching and cruising the Caribbean will start to be a bit trickier… ;)). That beach and the swim were absolutely gorgeous...

We are always having a great time when travelling; the problem is actually being stuck... And after that one, we were stuck for some five months; a too long time, don’t you think? ;))

The water was fabulous; colour, temperature, everything... ;)

It is indeed a tropical paradise there... It’s true that they have to prepare to the hurricane season; a disaster never comes alone, but let’s hope this year the hurricanes will spare the island... Those temporary shelters won’t resist a hurricane, surely!!

Thanks for your repeated visited and comment! I’m glad you liked!! Hope you had a great Holi!!

You just have to get there to see how gorgeous it is! Including the sunsets, of course, though I prefer them in South Pacific!! ;))

Aloha! Great to read that the tsunami warning was definitely just an excessive (not to say false...) alarm...

Great to read you back here!! I’ve never been to Andaman, but can imagine it; and they were also badly hit by the huge Indian Ocean tsunami, after the 2004 earthquake in Indonesia...

Alice SG,
Great to see that you are able to keep in touch! Hope things will be improving there!!

Emery Roth said...

From all I've read, the worst is yet ahead for the people of Haiti. Alas, this is just as the world turns its attention elsewhere. Your beautiful images make clear why people love Haiti. I hope they don't make anyone think all is well there but spur us to help those who suffer its inequalities.

Trotter said...

The problem is that it had been awful there for the last decades (Papa Doc was a character in that country, and the tonton macoutes also...), even before the quake tragedy; and it will be needed a great effort to put things in a decent track (not back in track, as the previoust track was far from being acceptable)...

RuneE said...

Who would have guessed that this island should turn into a hell on earth?

Trotter said...

Probably the island has been hell on earth for some time (Papa Doc, tontons macoutes, etc). The difference is that an earthquake is a natural disaster and the others were people's disasters... And now there is Internet to spread images all over... Well, maybe with still some restrictions in some countries!!

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, are you sure the visitors counter does work well? I think you blog has much much more than seven/eight visitors a day! I say this because in these day I'm having some malfunctions in my computer...! ;-)

Trotter said...

Idon't know, but that is what it shows... Today it's exceptional: it counts 12... ;))

Glennis said...

Amazingly beautiful country and your photograph is also wonderful.
Such a shame it has been damaged so much by natural disasters.

Trotter said...

Thanks for your visit and first time comment at Blogtrotter!
It has been damaged by natural... and human disasters...

A Lady's Life said...

I agree with Gattina.
Such a beautiful mystical place that can turn on you anytime.
The place certainly has a story to tell.

Trotter said...

One can't take anything for granted...

Anonymous said...

wonderful blue, fantastic green and red

Trotter said...

Great that you enjoyed!!

Unknown said...

It looks very beautiful, so different from the images of destruction we have seen in the past. btw, don'
t you just hate spam..

Anonymous said...


Trotter said...

M. Kate,
It's true that's a completely different feature...

Great to see you back here!!

S-V-H said...

It's just beautiful, Manuel! The colors make me want to be there - now! :)

Trotter said...

You're not that far; start packing... ;))