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Neptune's Cave (Grotta di Nettuno in Italian) gets its name from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, and is a stalactite cave at the bottom of Cape Caccia in Sardinia. Discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century, it has since developed into a very popular tourist attraction"

"ENTRANCE - The entrance lying only one meter above sea level, the cave can only be visited when the waters are calm..."







"MIRROR ROOM - The Cave has a 120-metre-long saltwater lake, which is at sea level"


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Neptune’s Cave was the only one I visited in Sardinia where people were allowed to take pictures. It’s a fairly impressive cave and the mites and tites are in some cases absolutely stunning! But I don’t think I would use the 656 steps to get there... ;). So, get to the cave (it’s cooler inside... ;), enjoy the views and drop your lines... Have a great week!!

Olivier said...

superbe promenade dans ces gouffres avec une tres belle lumiere, c'est magique

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous captures of a magnificent cave. It reminds me very much of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Have a great week!


P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautiful. I thought of finding Neptune's statue somewhere. Seems to be purely natural formation. splendid!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

On se croirait dans un roman de Jules Verne.

Nisha said...

Many times caves are not that cool. :)

alicesg said...

Wow fantastic. Love to see the natural formation of the stalagmite. I saw such beautiful caves in China and Thailand too. Some of the stalagmites looked like a lion and human too.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Woooooow! This looks like a trip to Mars, perhaps!

Incredible pictures! Loved the golden hue in every picture! Absolutely wonderful!

Regina said...

Wow awesome formations of stalagmites and stalactites.
Great captures Trotter.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy new week.

Unknown said...

Stupendous formations _ such an amazing world in Neptune's Cave

SusuPetal said...


Ron said...

Love this post. The pictures are amazing, WOW!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Wo! This place is amazing!! Looks very similar to the caverns of Shenandoah.

Thanks so much friend, for sharing these amazing photos :)

BLOGitse said...

wow, amazing!
Greetings from Casa! :)
ps. we're off to Bilbao for the weekend...

yyam said...

Oh wow! These are lovely pics of the caves! It must have been a fascinating trip! :)

Cergie said...

Tout à fait vertigineux, Gil, surtout la photo du dessus qui semble nous entrainer vers un trou noir (mais lumineux, est ce paradoxal ?). Je ne vais en général jamais dans les gouffres, j'ai trop le vertige, je sais que je loupe qchose de grand mais c'est ainsi.
Une fois, toujours dans le Vercors, j'ai laissé tout le monde descendre dans un endroit où avait été démantibulé d'ailleurs un hôpital clandestin du maquis pendant la 2de guerre mondiale ; j'ai attendu dans la voiture et j'ai vu passer un avion mirage juste à la hauteur de mon regard ! C'était great aussi !

magiceye said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and amazing and a little bit scary. What does your voice sound like in that cave?

eye in the sky said...

my gosh! such beauty. i guess appreciation in cave visits really depend on ones capacity to use the imagination, with regards to the corresponding stone formations. this one has great columns.

Pietro Brosio said...

Hi Gil! Great and enjoyable pictures of the Neptune's Cave! That's really a fantastic world!
Happy week :-)

Emm said...

Gosh, that looks incredible!! But did you not get a tiny bit claustrophobic?? I am not sure that I could go in there; I am bad enough on a crowded train.

A Lady's Life said...

WOW!!!! This is wonderful.!!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Greetings:)

You photos are spell binding and your narration is educative. I am amazed at your skill in photography.

This is a fantastic visual treat for an armchair traveler like me.

Wish you all the best:)

lv2scpbk said...

Hey Trotter, Sorry haven't been around much. Haven't been visiting anyone much because I just had surgery two weeks ago. Recovering from gallbladder surgery.

Love the cave shots and all the lights. We have a water cave close around here where you go through by boat.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of interior of the caves. This reminds me of my visit toLuray Cavens in Virginia.

MedaM said...

The beauty of this cave is spectacular. Your outstanding photos speak more than my words can. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

rochambeau said...

Thank you for sharing these caves. It is incredible to realize that they exist. Kind of brings me to tears!!!

Urmi said...

Neptunes Cave looks amazing and gorgeous. You have taken each and every picture of the cave very beautifully. Feel like visiting the cave. I liked the picture of "PHALLIC STALAGMITE" very much. In Australia I have seen Undara Cave in Queensland but this Neptune Cave is much more better and its a magnificent cave.

RNSANE said...

These caves are like stepping into another world, one that we almost should not be privy to visit. They are almost a sacred place and I wonder if you did not have almost a spiritual feeling being there. Incredible photographs and I am so pleased to have seen this special spot.

Lakshmi said...

just got back from my trip to see some amazing pics on your blog..the caves are truly fascinating

Mariposa said...

it's breathtaking! it looks so massive - i think the claustrophobic in me would want to visit this place :)

Joy said...

How utterly breathtaking! I would love to visit here. The golden glow is just amazing. Did you have to pay for a package tour to get here?

Did you enjoy your weekend?

Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

hpy said...


A part cela je ne peux que confirmer que L4-L5 est quelque chose de très douloureux et que cette fois-ci ça a en plus l'air de traîner en longueur. J'aurais donc plus apprécié les caves de Bacchus ou Dionysos pour chercher un peu de soulagement!!!

joo said...

Those caves are stunning and your photos are simply beautiful - I love this golden light and mysterious atmosphere of the caves.

PeterParis said...

As you well know, I have had a good excuse not to be be blogging and commenting for a while! I now made a complete tour of Sardinia, thanks to you; definiteley a place to visit! I once got a job offered for a ferry line to be opened between Toulon and Sardinia. I never took the job and the ferry line never got started. It was however, the name of Sardinia which made me hesitate before declining.

Emery Roth said...

Very impressive photos. It's hard under such conditions, I would think, to keep color constant and images sharp. My experience has been that there is rarely sufficient light, and cameras' on-board is rarely sufficient and produces odd shadows. Reducing shutter speed and raising ISO have their own liabilities. I see no sings of such problems in your photos. Bravo! What's your secret? If you tell me these were done with disposable, pocket camera or a cell phone, I'm going into retirement.

juka14 said...

What an incredible cave!! Looks much better than the ones I saw. The mirror room is really fantastic.

L. Neusiedler said...

wow, impressive! all those structures!

Lori said...

Such beautiful and dramatic formations! They have them lit very well too. Your photos are incredible!

My Unfinished Life said...

spooky!!! a bit claustrophobic, so would just enjoy ur pics!!.... wouldn't go there for real!!

Urmi said...

Awaiting for your new post.
You are welcome in my blog as there is a new post.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fantastic! I agree with Rajesh that they look like toLuray Cavens in Virginia.

indicaspecies said...

This is amazing!
PS: I hope you have had a good break and back safe.:)

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Hope you had a great vacation in the Northern Hemisphere and are prepared to face another year before the next summer... I’m not feeling in such a good mood, but after the loss of some twenty pounds things will surely improve… ;). The problem is how to lose them and get better with the awful L4/L5 without having to go everyday to the gym... ;)). Any acceptable suggestions? Stop eating and drinking isn’t acceptable... ;))
Seeing these pictures again, I can’t forget the Chilean miners; don’t think I would ever get seven hundred metres under the soil... Hope they will be rescued safe and sound as soon as possible

La grotte est vraiment très bien illuminée; l’effet est, comme tu le dis, vraiment magique…

I’ve been to many caves around the world, but never been to Carlsbad Caves, New Mexico… Anyhow, the amazing fact on this one is that the entrance is made at the sea level…

Not an easy task to find a statue of Neptune. Nature doesn’t seem so keen on creating gods… ;))

Ah, le magnifique Jules Verne… Tu sais que son influence au Portugal est si grande qu’il est peut-être le seul auteur étranger dont le nom est traduit en portugais: tout le monde dans ma génération le connaît comme Julio Verne… Intéressant…

This one is truly cool, isn’t it? ;)

Alice Sg,
With a little bit of imagination, one can practically see anything on the stalagmites and stalactites formations… ;)

I wonder if they have the water to get into the cave… ;)). It’s true that the lighting helps a lot to the beauty of the site…

My pleasure!!


Truly!! Where have you been lately? We miss you and your comments around in the blogosphere… 

I’m truly glad you like this!!

Trotter said...

Part Two:

Never been to the caves of Shenandoah… But if you say they are similar, they must be beautiful…

It seems that Casa is revealing itself as a great hub to be travelling around; so Lisbon will be a next stop… ;)

This surely was a great trip with much to discover… But trips are always great, aren’t they? ;))

C’est vraiment fantastique! Les grottes que sont aménagées, ce n’est pas grand problème: elles sont illuminées, les passages sont normalement préparées pour les visiteurs et le sentiment de claustrophobie, au moins pour moi, n’est pas très intense… Au contraire, les grottes dites «naturelles», je les laisse toutes entières pour les explorateurs… ;)). Mieux voir les mirages… ;))


I never try that experience with loud voices in caves; like in snowy mountains one never knows what can happen afterwards… ;))

It surely depends on the imagination, but sometimes the stone formations help a lot to find something there… ;))

Neptune’s World… ;))

Like I said to Lucie, on this kind of caves that are prepared to receive visitors, with lights and walkways, there is not such a great problem with claustrophobia… But the rustic caves, in its natural appearance… I’m not a speleologist… ;)

Great that you liked!!

Thanks! I’m amazed that people find that these pictures show any photographic skills… It’s only the object that has its merits, not indeed the photo taker… ;)) Armchair travelling is interesting, but I must confess that I prefer the real/actual travelling… ;))

Trotter said...

Part Three:

Hope you recovered from your surgery and that things are going better now!! Going through caves by boat is always a treat!!

I was once in Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia, in 1984 and they actually looked somehow similar… Never been to Luray Caverns, though! Amazing!!

My great pleasure to have you seeing all these beauties through my blog!! Glad that you enjoyed…

No need to cry… ;))

Come on, it had to be you to mention that particular stalagmite… lol
There are many impressive caves around the world, but it’s true that Sardinia has a nice share of them…

It’s true that the caves have always a special atmosphere and some of the formations are known as the cathedral, the organ, etc… And this one has some gorgeous formations showing the pipes of a church organ…

Hope you had a marvellous trip! Glad that you liked this cave journey at Blogtrotter Two…

You wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic on this one: it’s huge and several metres high, so no tiny feelings around… ;)

I took a boat excursion to get there, which meant that the price of the entrance was included in the fare… But we could have driven up to the top of the hill and then make the 656 steps down to the entrance, where we would just pay for the ticket to enter… No way to use those steps however… ;))

Tu as raison; ça serait beaucoup plus intéressant les caves de Barolo, Barbaresco ou de Montalcino, ou, dés quand est en Sardaigne, d’Alghero, pour soulager cette terrible conjonction L4-L5… ;))

The light is not natural, but it’s true that the formations must have some golden aspect, because the lamps I saw were not so deep yellow… ;)

Trotter said...

Part Four:

It was great to meet you here in Lisbon!! We didn’t have sardines, but next time we’ll try that: in June… ;))

Usually I can’t get any decent picture neither at night nor with low lighting… This time however, they came out fair enough and the credits must go to the illumination of the caves… The rest was simply the work of a Canon G9 without flash… Nothing special, nothing great… ;)

Many caves around the world: some better, some not so much… ;)

Great that you liked!!

It’s true that they made a spectacular work with the lights they put there… Probably one of the best mono colour caves I’ve ever seen…

Me too, but I didn’t feel that much in there… Lots of space around to see the formations… ;))

Just gone to see all the marvels you’re showing at your blog!!

Better the Shenandoah for me, as I don’t remember seeing Luray… And they are different ones, aren’t they? ;))

So, you’re gone again? Trotter… ;))

S-V-H said...

Beautiful, Manuel! Caves are all over the world very impressive. This one seems to be a big cave and you've captured the essence of it so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Trotter said...

Thanks! Great that you loved it... I've seen many caves around the world, but I think that Sardinia was the first place where I entered a cave directly from a boat at sea... ;)

seema gupta said...

Neptune's Cave "i would like to call it as natural golden beauty". just amezing,


Trotter said...

Golden beauty, no doubt...