Friday, December 10, 2010



"AMARCO II - The ship that we used to cruise the Nile River, from Luxor to Aswan, has definitely an identity problem: it's known as Amarco II, Antares or the Nile Express... But it was a nice choice!"

"FELUCCAS - The traditional wooden sailing boat with its rig consisting of one or two lateen sails, are usually able to board around ten passengers and are still in active use as a means of transport in cities like Luxor or Aswan"

"THE WINTER PALACE HOTEL - Located south of the Luxor Temple, the five star hotel was built in 1886 on the Nile banks"

"THE WINTER PALACE HOTEL GARDENS - In 1996, the Pavilion, a 4-star annex, was built in the rear of the tropical gardens of the Winter, close to the swimming pool.

"FRONT TERRACE - View towards the Nile River"






"WINTER PALACE BY NIGHT - The Palace has 5 restaurants, but only two in the main building: the 1886 (French) and la Corniche Restaurant (international)"


Trotter said...

Hi Folks! In the last post we had some pictures from the Hatshepsut temple, but not from the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings, as cameras were not allowed inside the area of the Valley. No surprise however that there were pictures: the Temple is outside the grounds of the Valley... ;). This time we are saying goodbye to Luxor, and further to enjoy the famous Winter Palace Hotel, we are going to get pleasure from the sunset on the Nile... Enjoy, leave a (much appreciated) comment and have a great weekend!!

SusuPetal said...

Sunset over the Nile is awesome!

Bye, bye Luxor, nice to see you again!

Olivier said...

tu nous nargues ;o)) ici c'est le froid et la neige

juka14 said...

The Winter Palace seems to be a good place to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

diane b said...

It all looks very luxurious. The sunset is stunning.

P.N. Subramanian said...

The hotel looks majestic though its more than 125 years old.

Emm said...

Wow, the Winter Palace Hotel looks really lovely and your sunset and evening photos are exquisite.

Ola said...

Travelling on the Nile, always remind me about Agatha Christie:) It must have been a great experiance, lovely pictures

Dianne said...

Magical! the sunsets are just beautiful & that lovely
"Winter Palace" so very regal.
I've loved this post.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I love Egypt.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Amazing pictures, every single one of the them! The winter palace hotel looks truly marvelous!

leo said...

You've captured the beautiful sunset. Stunning. Adios Egypt. So where to next?

Ron said...

Great pictures, can't wait to see where you take us next.

Mariposa said...

GMG! Your sunset shots are amazing! Have a wonderful weekend! I just got back from a short holiday. will post the pics up when i can :)

Nicole said...

Beautiful and like a dream!
I love the 'Valley of the Kings' part too :-)

diane b said...

Trotter,it is time for a new header. Where are you trotting off to next?

alicesg said...

Looked like a very relaxed and enjoyable trip.

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Je suis d'accord, un 'sunset'comme ça demande préparation !

Urmi said...

As always all the pictures are very very beautiful. I liked the photo of sunset which looks gorgeous and amazing. Must be one of your best and enjoyable trip.
You are welcome at my new post-

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! All so beautiful, from the Winter Palace Hotel, a fantastic hotel, to the marvellous sunsets, so fascinating! Great collages too!
Happy new week :-)

Gattina said...

Brings back so many souvenirs ! We made the cruise twice once the two of us and once with American friends. This year it was the 10th time I have been in Egypt !

Nikon said...

The sunset shots are stunning!
(I like the one with the birds in a "V" formation flying in the twilight.)
The hotel looks very rich :)

A Lady's Life said...

Oh Such a nice colonial style hotel.
I love it!!
Seems like an easy going place and the rides on the boats quite pleasant.:)

Thérèse said...

Une bien belle aventure que le Nil et ses côtes!

yyam said...

I love the shots of the sunset! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead! :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful place. The sunset is amazing.

Lara/Uproad said...

looking forward for the next story :)

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Sahi (an Indian expression for wow)!!!

The pictures are all lovely, the blue, the red, the green and of course the black! All come together beautifully here...

magiceye said...

gorgeous images as usual!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Marvelous visual treat.You pack so many sights and scenes in each post which give a comprehensive view of the entire place.

Have a wonderful day,

My Unfinished Life said...

lovely lovely shots!!!!
you tempt me to rush there...
feluccas..well, someone who has been there told me that river cruise on these is a must while in egypt!!!!

eye in the sky said...

Winter Palace Hotel looks grand; evokes images from grand epic movies too. And the garden is gorgeous!

seema gupta said...

is just seems that i am lost some where in those pics, they are so eye catching. no doubt nature has its own attraction and charm.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral



The Nomadic Pinoy said...

What a great sunset photo you captured! I suppose sunset viewing is one of the reasons why many tourists want to try at least having drinks at the hotel.

Unknown said...

I am happy I found your blog. Great photos. I have not been to Egypt yet, but it is on the list.
Kat, a fellow travler,

Anonymous said...

You know you should submit your photos to calendars and such. Bet they would love them for advertising and you could make some traveling money too. :) Your sunsets are spectacular. We will be leaving soon and I am not sure how much access to a computer I will have and I plan not to take my laptop so I want to wish you and yours a very very Happy Holiday and best wishes for a Wonderful New Year Gil ~~

Cergie said...

Quels beaux couchers de soleil ! Qui as tu choisi pour ton film ? Sean Connery (pour la barbe) et Merryl Streep (pour la blondeur) ?
(A "Mort sur le Nil" avec H. Poirot, je préfère "La mort n'est pas une fin" sans H. Poirot du même auteur qui se déroule en Egypte antique...)

Cergie said...

PS : les photos de chambres je les prends au début du séjour, pas toi ?

Unknown said...

More visual treats :P I love all the sunset shots. Cant wait to see what's up Gil. Happy shopping, decorating and everything Christmassy:)

Emery Roth said...

Beautiful sunset shots! I'm reading from the top down to catch up with all I've missed.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was really a vacation of a lifetime, Gil! Just spectacular! I loved the golden sunset photos and the view sof the Nile.

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! It looks warmer seeing the pictures from Luxor, now that the cold decided to invade Lisbon… This morning we had +4º Celsius, which for our standards is awfully chilly… ;)
I’m glad to notice that you enjoyed the sunset from the winter Palace Hotel terrace bar; people of good taste, definitely!! And I’m happy to read your comments here and to reply to them. Hope you have a great weekend, at least those (few) who read these replies… ;))

I saw a few sunsets on the Nile and you are right: we capture some awesome views…

Ne parle pas de froid; il semble que le froid du 8 décembre à Paris est descendu hier et aujourd’hui à Lisbonne; ce matin on avait +4º centigrade, ce que pour nous standards est affreusement froid…

The Winter Palace is certainly «the place» to watch the sunset over the Nile in Luxor…

The Winter Palace is with the cataract Hotel in Aswan one of the two classic gems of the Nile!! No wonder the luxury if you read at least part of the clients’ list…

It surely has some maintenance… ;) Actually it seems that the hotel was let down for some years, but recently the Sofitel group took care of it and it came back to former glory… ;)

It is lovely, you may be sure… Maybe you won’t find the prices they charge that lovely, but it’s nothing compared to the prices of hotels in London… ;)

«Death on the Nile» and «Death Comes As The End» are certainly two of the most outstanding books by Agatha Christie. Since her second husband was an archaeologist interested in Middle East, no wonder her fascination with Egypt and Egyptian matters…

Thanks! The hotel is superb and it surely deserves a visit, if not a stay… And Luxor has a lot to be seen, so you won’t be bored… ;)

There are thousands of good reasons for your love… ,)

It is a great hotel anywhere in the world; and furthermore, it has the charm of a long-established institution…

Trotter said...

Part Two:

Adios Luxor, we still have a lot to see in Egypt… Don’t think you just get rid of it like that… ;))

You were influenced by Leo, but there is no reason to leave Egypt just like that… we haven’t seen all the Ramses II statues yet… ;)) So, there will be more of the same in the next posts… ;))

Great to read that you’re travelling!! And look forward to seeing the pictures you have taken in your trip…

Must confess that I’m intrigued with your reference to the Valley Part two; do you mean the replies? ;)

Relaxed they never are; just imagine the number of pictures you have to take in any trip you make to feed the blog… ;))

Mais certainement… Et avec des boissons qui vont bien avec le soleil couchant doré… Je crois que le Dom Pérignon est le plus approprié… ;)

It was a lovely trip; maybe because I’m travelling so much less than I used to, these last trips of mine are becoming more and more enjoyable… ;)

The Hotel is there for you to enjoy; a bit like the Valley of Susa; the difference is that they have some means of transportation to take us there and the Valley doesn’t want the TGV… ;))

I’m afraid it’s becoming a little bit routine… Ten times in Egypt? I can understand that the place has a lot to see and do, but that way how would I have time to all the rest that is still somewhere waiting for a visit? lol
Anyhow, I wouldn’t mind to return and to make the cruise again, this time with friends… It’s always much more interesting… ;)

I hesitated to show that bird formation in big format; actually I had two of those pictures; but then decided for the collage, as there is no space to put everything on this blog… ;)

Truly colonial style; and still the same feeling inside!!

Trotter said...

Part Three:

Magnifique te voir de retour!! J’espère maintenant avoir la compagnie de tes commentaires comme d’habitude…
Le Nil, entre Louxor et Assouan te proportionne un voyage vraiment fantastique… En plus, il y a des temples, du soleil et des couchers du soleil magnifiques partout…;)

My pleasure to share dear!! I’m glad that you enjoy the sunsets… It’s a treat to get some gorgeous on the Nile…


This one wasn’t that interesting? Well, we’ll have some views while cruising the Nile, but nothing compared to Agatha’s «Death…». For a good story, you may take the book while seeing the pictures… ;)

Thanks! And also for teaching the Sahi expression!! I didn’t have much time to learn anything while in India in 2008… ;)
Great that you enjoyed the colours; they were all there just waiting for a camera to catch them… ;)

Thanks! I’m truly glad you liked!!

That’s the advantage of the collages; you may put a lot more in the same small space; the only problem is that the quality of pictures inserted suffers with the solution… ;)

It depends on the felucca as, like in everything else in life, there are feluccas… and feluccas… ;) But it seems there at least one or two big traditional ships (not exactly small feluccas) that have been decently arranged to cruise the Nile. Anyhow, there are lots of ships for you to choose your cruise…

The winter Palace was probably the scenario for movies turned in Egypt; I remember none, but wouldn’t be surprised if there is a long list… ,)

Of course, there is a lot of Mother’s Earth work on these pictures, namely in the Nile sunsets… But probably the most relevant items shown on this post are man made… ;))

Trotter said...

Part Four, and final for the time being (waiting for Peter... ;))

Aloha!! Round, round, I get around… From town to town… That remembers me the guys on the beach a.k.a. the Beach Boys… ;)

The terrace of the Winter Palace Hotel is probably the most comfortable and convenient spot to observe the sun going down behind the Nile… Furthermore, the bar has everything you need to enjoy your late afternoon, and I didn’t notice mosquitoes… ;))

Thanks for your visit and first time comment at Blogtrotter Two; hope to read you here often!! Greta that you also love to travel!! Thus there will be plenty to exchange!! xoxo

You know, the photos, if you actually look at them from the pro point of view, are no great deal… and actually that’s not the purpose… They serve only one purpose and that is to show what is pictured; rather content than form… And for calendars, with probably the exception of those I used to see in garages when I was younger, it’s more form than content… ;))
Hope you have a great holiday season and enter the New Year in great shape!!! I’ll be stuck… ;))

C’est intéressant l’histoire du livre de Agatha Christie… Mais ce qui me frappe le plus est la traduction: en anglais le livre s’appelle «Death comes as the end»…
En français, par contre la mort ne vient pas comme la fin, mais «La mort n’est pas une fin»; alors, en portugais, au Portugal, on a traduit, dans la tradition française, par «Morrer não é fim» (mourir, ce n’est pas la fin); mais, au Brésil, ou l’influence américaine est plus forte, on a «E no final, a morte» (Et, à la fin, la mort)… à mon avis, le meilleur c’est de faire comme les italiens: «C’era una volta…» ;))
Les photos des chambres ont été prises au début… de la croisière… ;)

M. Kate,
We’ll be still posting on Egypt for the next weeks… ;)
Shopping and decorating is too boring this season… ;) and I’ll have a very tough season with professional meetings at least on the 27th and 29th… ;)

Great to read you back here! Hope everything is fine now!!

Now that you mention vacations of a lifetime, I must confess that two of the most interesting vacations we ever had were two holidays in Africa, a continent we don’t visit so often…

PeterParis said...

I come late, but now I can see the Winter Palace... which makes me jealous! :-)

Trotter said...

You mentioned it, you got it... ;)

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful sunsets, interesting crooked trees, and love the night lights on the buildings. Nice night shots.

Trotter said...

Great to see you back here; hope things are getting better now...

Lakshmi said...

what sunset shots ..lovely :)

Trotter said...

That was a great luck... ;)

Gattina said...

Merry Christmas to you !
We have celebrated twice Christmas at the Red Sea, it was funny, a Santa on a camel, lol !

Baron's Life said...

If I'm not mistaken, this hotel has about 85 or 86 rooms and some Fabulous Egyptian cuisine in one of their restaurants...El Tarbouche

lv2scpbk said...

Thanks Trotter. Things are starting to look better with my health. I'm hoping for a better healthy New Year.

Trotter said...

Santa on a camel must be something special... ;)

There is an annex in the garden with some more 100 rooms; and the El Tarboush is the Egyptian restaurant in the pool area with live folkloric music and traditional food!!

Great to read that!!

Joy said...

The sunset photos are great, Gil. And the Winter Palace is a sight to behold.

How are you enjoying this festive season?

Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

Trotter said...

You would love to be at the terrace of the Winter Palace sipping a drink and watching sunset... ;)